June 11th is the 162nd day of the year. There are 203 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 5 days remaining until Father’s Day

There are 28 weekends remaining until Christmas

Today is Call Your Doctor Day, Corn on the Cob Day, National German Chocolate Cake Day & National Making Life Beautiful Day

5.5 million people watched the Tony Awards on Sunday.That’s down from last year’s total of 6.3 million. The numbers were the show’s lowest ratings in five years

A flight from Manchester, England, was delayed for almost eight hours when a confused passenger opened an emergency exit after mistaking it for the bathroom door. The Pakistan International Airways flight to Islamabad was almost ready for takeoff when the woman grasped for the wrong door, launching the emergency evacuation slide.

Kraft is releasing a new product for kids called “Salad Frosting.”  It’s actually just ranch dressing.  But they’re hoping that by calling it “frosting,” it’ll make kids want to eat their vegetables.

A new survey found a lot of us would LIKE to join a gym to get in better shape.  But we’re too embarrassed to walk our flabby bodies in there and be judged.  So 28% of us won’t join a gym UNTIL we get in better shape.  

There was an earthquake outside Cleveland yesterday morning.  Not something they get very often there, so a lot of people called 911.  Helpful note: The number one thing people do wrong when there’s an earthquake is clog 911 with the question, “Was there just an earthquake?”  Unless there’s an emergency situation, don’t do it.