June 13th is the 164th day of the year. There are 201 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 3 days remaining until Father’s Day

There are 112 days remaining until regular season Hockey begins (Oct 3)

Today is National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day, Random Acts of Light Day, Sewing Machine Day, National Cupcake Lover’s Day and Weed Your Garden Day

St Louis beat Boston 4-1 last night in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup. They won the series 4-3

According to a new survey, the most popular vegetable in America is . . . broccoli.  Seriously.  And it wasn’t even close.  Broccoli won in 38 of 50 states. Corn won in Wisconsin though.

According to a new study, we ingest so much plastic, it’s the equivalent of eating an entire CREDIT CARD every week.  The main sources delivering that plastic into our bodies are water, shellfish, beer, and salt.

Dave Chappelle is going to do a week on Broadway between July 9th and July 13th. No cameras or recording devices will be allowed in the theater.

A Twitter user named Brian McMullan is giving names to all of the 3,501 Cheerios in his cereal box and is taking name suggestions. 

Random Fact: The voice of Siri is a real person named Susan Bennett, a voice-over actor who lives in Atlanta with her husband and son.  Apple has never officially confirmed it’s her, and she didn’t even know she was the voice of Siri until Apple came out with it . . . they’d bought her voice when they acquired another company.  

A Marvel fan in Florida has seen Avengers: Endgame 112 times. Agustin Alanis, who’s originally from Mexico, says he works ten hour days then heads for the theater to watch two back-to-back showings of Endgame. On Wednesday he tweeted that he saw Endgame for the 112th time…. Alanis’ feat beats a record set last year by Anthony Mitchell, who saw Avengers: Infinity War 103 times, which got him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records…. However, a guy in Wisconsin watched a movie at least 130 times this year and is preparing to submit his proof to Guinness.