June 14th is the 165th day of the year. There are 200 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 2 days remaining until Father’s Day

There are 130 days remaining until the start of the 2019-20 NBA season (It will be moved back one week and begin on Oct. 22)

Today is Family History Day, Flag Day, International Bath Day, National Bourbon Day, National Flip Flop Day, National Marriage Day, National Strawberry Shortcake Day, Pause for the Pledge Day, Work at Home Father’s Day and World Blood Donor Day

IN THEATERS – Despite the new blood, it doesn’t look like the latest Men In Black is going to be much of a hit. Experts think MIB will be lucky to make more than $30 million this weekend.… In theaters: Men in Black: International (PG-13); Shaft (R); Late Night (R); The Dead Don’t Die (R)

Burger King is promoting season three of “Stranger Things” by doing an ‘Upside Down Whopper.’  The Upside Down is the alternate dimension in the show.  And the Upside Down Whopper is just a Whopper served upside down . . . in eighties packaging.

Britain’s oldest person, Grace Jones, has died at the age of 112. She credits her long life to having a ‘drop’ of whiskey every night. She lived through 26 Prime Ministers and five monarchs

To avoid unwanted or unnecessary purchases, keep your hands off the goods. That was the conclusion of a study (University of Wisconsin-Madison and UCLA). Researchers wondered if touch influences the feeling of ownership and valuation of an object. They discovered that, yes, merely touching an object increases the feelings of ownership a person has for the object. This, in turn, results in a person being willing to pay more for most objects that they touch versus objects that they cannot touch.

There’s another video going around of a ‘conversation’ between a dad and a toddler, where the baby just babbles, but seems to understand what’s going on.  This time it’s about a diaper change.

“Dad bods” are more popular than ever with women AND men, according to a new survey.  79% of men with a dad bod say they’re happy with their body . . . 65% of people say a dad bod is attractive . . . and 51% say it’s the “new six pack.”

According to Expedia’s annual travel etiquette survey, only 75% of us agree it’s unacceptable to go through an Airbnb host’s personal stuff.  Up to a third of us would potentially wear their clothes.  And the most annoying people on airplanes are sick people, seat kickers, and passengers who drink too much. 

Reynolds Wrap will pay someone $10,000 to travel the country for two weeks eating barbecue. 

Someone bought a Ford Mustang that had been parked in a garage in North Carolina for 40 years . . . and found the former owner’s ashes in a jar inside.