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Q:  A new survey by (Superdrug Online Doctor) reveals that almost 45% of men and just over 35% of women have done THIS when it comes to past relationships and new relationships. What is it?

A: Recycled a pet name for a new partner from a previous relationship

Couples, who have pet names for one another are 16% happier than those who don’t. Other findings:

– 90% of people who call their partner ‘beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘baby’ or ‘cutie’ are happier in their relationship than people, who don’t use those pet names.

– 87% of people have a pet name for their partner

– most hated pet names
papi 73%
daddy 72%
sweet cheeks 66%
muffin 61%
cutie pie by 57%
sweet pea 56%
princess 54%
sweetie pie 54%
sugar 50%
hun 41%
baby 41%
cutie 37%
babe 35%
sweetie 27%
honey 24%