July 9th is the 189th day of the year. There are 175 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is Cow Appreciation Day, Fashion Day, National No Bra Day and National Sugar Cookie Day

There are 55 days left until Labor Day

There are 30 days until first Packers preseason game! (Aug 8 Texans & Packers

Starbucks will begin selling their much-anticipated Tie-Dye Frappuccino on Wednesday. It will be available for five days or as long as supplies last. Those, who have sampled the Tie-Dye Frappuccino say it tastes like banana candy. It is multi-colored and topped with whipped cream and multi-colored sprinkles.

A company in Seattle called Atomo created a coffee without using any coffee beans.  They call it molecular coffee, and it mimics the proteins and oils of real coffee, along with the caffeine.  

A yoga studio in New York City is offering Drunk Yoga. It’s yoga while you hold a glass of wine, and drink. The 90-minute class features proprietary moves like the Corkscrew, where you spin around in a pretzel-like pose without taking your feet off the ground. There’s also the Twerking Downward Dog, which is exactly what it sounds like — Downward Dog while shaking your rear.

Have you ever wondered just how much ‘air’ is in a bag of chips? Using the water displacement method, someone measured the percent of air per bag of chips for 14 different brands of chips. The overall average across the 14 brands was 43%.

Netflix says some or all episodes of Stranger Things Season 3 have been viewed by more than 40 million household accounts since its July 4 premiere.

Dana White tells TMZ that a UFC fight between Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber would earn each of them more than $100 million.

Instagram is rolling out a new feature to try to curb bullying.  They’re using AI to analyze a comment you’re about to post, and it’ll warn you if you’re about to say something MEAN.

A new survey found the average person will spend three months of their life just getting ready for work each day.