August 2nd is the 214th day of the year. There are 151 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 31 days left until Labor Day

There are 118 days left until Thanksgiving (Bears/Lions- Bills/Cowboys- Saints/Falcons)

Today is Dinosaurs Day, International Beer Day, National Coloring Book Day and National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

IN THEATERS TODAY – Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (PG-13) is expected to bring in $195 million worldwide this weekend and around $65 million to $70 million in North America.

Hostess has created a new Twinkies flavor called Moon Berry. The dark blue sponge cake is filled with white cream. Walmart will start selling the new Twinkies this week. A pack of 10 costs $2.97 

Burger King is going to sell the Impossible Whopper at all of its U.S. restaurants starting next week. The company will monitor sales before deciding whether or not to offer the plant-based burger on a permanent basis. For now, it will be for a limited time

Starbucks is selling a new Pumpkin Spice creamer for $4.99

M&M’s is planning a new flavor called Fudge Brownie. The company has yet to release a launch date for their latest candy 

First mustard-flavored ice cream and now this?  Oscar Meyer is debuting hot dog-flavored ice cream “A hot dog-infused ice cream with real bits of candied hot dogs, served alongside spicy mustard ice cream.” And the “buns” are made out of cookies. It will be called the “Ice Dog.” 

The practice of live-streaming funerals has recently exploded in popularity and the president-elect of the National Funeral Directors Association estimates that 20 percent of funeral homes now offer the service. The service caters to those loved ones unable to travel on short notice to pay their respects.

Engineers in Portugal have created a new type of fabric that smells better the more you SWEAT.  And the smell is also an insect repellent.

Gillette is losing tons of money . . . and Procter & Gamble says it’s because of millennial men and their love of beards

A person just tried to check a rocket launcher at BWI airport in Maryland . . . that’s the SECOND time in one week.

A new study says that binge drinking is on the rise among retired people.

The average person spends more than six months of their life talking about the weather.

Researchers say men ogle up to ten women every day. They spend an average of 43 minutes admiring women — which adds up to a year in a lifetime. But women aren’t totally innocent. Women ogle up to six men for 20 minutes a day.