WAXX Brainstarter: Tues 8/13/19- $75 in Casino Ca$h

Q:  According to a new survey the #1 thing that can ruin a vacation is: Lost luggage.  54% of people said it would equal a “vacation disaster.” What’s #2 on this list?

A: No internet, 49%

3.  Food poisoning, 47%.

4.  Bad weather your entire trip, 47%.

5.  A lost or stolen credit card, 44%.

6.  Ending up in a bad or unsafe location, 43%.

7.  A lost passport or I.D., 40%.

8.  Coming down with a cold or the flu, 40%.

9.  No air conditioning, 38%.

10.  The plumbing breaks, also 38%.  Lost reservations, missing a flight, and bad traffic all tied for 11th place.  And one more stat:  The survey found we’d rather have access to Netflix on a vacation than access to coffee.