August 20th is the 232nd day of the year. There are 133 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 13 days left until Labor Day

There are 16 days left until The Chicago Bears are in last place in the NFC North!

Today is National Bacon Lover’s Day, National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day, National Lemonade Day, National Radio Day and World Mosquito Day

Busch Beer tweeted out a picture of a pumpkin spice hard seltzer . . . and then had to let people down gently that it was just a joke.

Little Caesars is rolling out its new Quattro pizza nationwide . . . it’s a large pizza divided into four sections.  One’s cheese, one’s pepperoni, one’s sausage and pepperoni, and one’s sausage and bruschetta. 

A new report came out saying that to be more energy efficient the lowest you should keep your thermostat is 78° F.  It also says that when you’re away you should leave it at 85° F and when you’re sleeping you should leave it at 82° F.  

The world’s oldest turtle, Tommy, recently celebrated her 121st birthday. The tortoise was purchased by Sheila Flores’ grandmother in 1909. Sheila lives in London and expects Tommy to live another 50 years. She recently held a birthday party for her where she placed a gold birthday hat on her shell and allowed her to crawl around on a table between several birthday cupcakes. Tommy loves to eat garden weeds. Tommy has been alive for 21 U.S. presidencies, two world wars and six monarchs 

Carrie Underwood will be co-hosting this year’s CMA Awards with Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton.

A new study found having kids makes you happier . . . eventually.  The researchers found parents are happier than non-parents . . . but the happiness only kicks in once the kids grow up and move out.

The jewelry company Tiffany just announced they’re launching their first full line of jewelry for men.  And they’ll also be selling other products for men like a silver compass, beer mugs, and dog tags. 

The average adult spends the equivalent of four and a half months of their life talking about the weather. That amounts to almost ten minutes a day or an hour of each week. On top of that, the average adult will post six weather-related comments a month on social media, and spend 11 minutes a week checking the forecast either on TV, an app on their phone, or the internet.