RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Thurs 9/12/19 –

“Early Easter Bunny, Keepin the peace in the Shire and Peanuts in a Peanut Butter Jar”

Since Easter is based on the vernal equinox, the earliest it can possibly be is March 22nd.  But the last time Easter was March 22nd was 1818 . . . and the next time will be in 2285.  (The latest it can be is April 25th.  That will happen next in 2038.)

The word “sheriff” is a combination of two Old English words: “shire” and “reeve.”  A “reeve” was a person who was responsible for keeping things peaceful in the shire.

It takes approximately 540 peanuts to make one 12-ounce jar of peanut butter.