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Q:  According to a new survey (by the American Payroll Association) 40,000 people were asked: if you could change the way this regular, important thing happens in your life would you? 1/3 of people said “yes”… What is it?

A: The frequency of getting paid at their job

 A new survey by the American Payroll Association asked 40,000 people.  If you had the option, would you rather get paid DAILY?  Or do you like getting paychecks in a big lump sum, so you have to wait and can’t spend it all? And a THIRD said they’d prefer a bunch of smaller payments instead of two paychecks a month.

 Flexible pay schedules are already being offered as a benefit at some companies.  But most of us would only be into the idea if it was free.  65% of people in the survey said they wouldn’t do it if there were extra fees.