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Q:  A new survey found the average American spends $1,796 on ‘simple pleasures’ each year.  So things you don’t NEED, but they make you happy.  And 78% of us say they’re worth the money. The #1 “Simple Pleasure” was: Listening to your favorite music.  58% said it’s one of their simple pleasures. What was #2?

A: Cooking your favorite meal

3.  Eating ice cream.

4.  Buying new clothes.

5.  Holding hands with someone you love.

6.  Going to the movies.

7.  Watching a sunrise or sunset.

8.  Being able to sleep in with no alarm.

9.  A comfortable bed.

10.  Taking a long, hot shower.  A few that just missed the top ten include air-conditioning . . . coffee . . . ordering delivery . . . and a good drink after a long day.