November 13th is the 317th day of the year. There are 48 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 15 days remaining until Thanksgiving

There are 42 days remaining until Xmas

Today is Start a Rumor Day and World Kindness Day

Blue Bunny is selling Snickerdoodle Sleigh Ride Ice Cream in honor of the holiday season.

Hardee’s is celebrating Thanksgiving early by selling chicken tenders coated in stuffing.┬áThe tenders come with a side of gravy, waffle fries and toasted onion coated green beans. Hardee’s is currently testing their ‘Thanksgiving In A Box’ at restaurants in Jacksonville.

A company in South Africa is selling a new gin that’s infused with ELEPHANT DUNG, and it’s fairly popular. 

Carrie Underwood hosts, with special guests Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton. (7p CT, ABC)

Disney’s new streaming service, Disney +, launched yesterday. Thirty minutes after launching the website and app were hit by technical difficulties and started giving people error codes. Disney eventually fixed the problem. Disney+ posted content warnings that read: ”This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”

A new study at the University of Kentucky found that if you hate vegetables, it might be genetic.  Some people inherit a gene that makes bitter foods like broccoli and Brussels sprouts, taste extra bitter. 

Scientists may’ve finally figured out why we get hiccups.  A new study found newborn babies get the hiccups because it helps teach their brains about how to regulate breathing.  And once we grow up, the hiccups stick with us even though they don’t serve a purpose anymore. 

An Arby’s in Minnesota says only children who are well-behaved are allowed to eat there. 

“Parents” magazine just put out a list of the WORST real baby names they’ve heard this year.  For boys, some of their picks are:  Kingmessiah . . . Xxayvier with two x’s . . . and Cletus.  For girls, some of their picks are:  Cyncere, spelled C-Y-N-C-E-R-E . . . Starlett . . . and Vegas.