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Q:    According to studies 50% of people in a new poll said the holidays are the most stressful time of year.  So what stresses us out the most?  Apparently it’s our LOVED ONES. Four of the top 5 Top Stressors have to do with friends or extended family. #1 is: Having friends or family over for a party or a big dinner.  51% agree it’s stressful.

What is the #2 most stressful thing about the Holidays?

A: Having friends or family stay with you, 45%

3.  Traveling to see family or friends, also 45%.

4.  Going out to dinner with family or friends, 29%.

5.  Taking a vacation, 24%.

The most stressful part about hosting people during the holidays is cleaning.  And the most stressful part of traveling is making sure you don’t overspend. 

So what are the things that would EASE some of our holiday stress?  The top five answers were a house cleaner . . . a private chef . . . a professional organizer . . . a decorator . . . and someone to do chores and run errands for us.