November 18th is the 322nd day of the year. There are 43 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 10 days remaining until Thanksgiving

There are 37 days remaining until Xmas

Today is Apple Cider Day, Mickey Mouse Day, National Princess Day and Push-Button Phone Day

Here are this past weekend’s box office results:
1 Ford v Ferrari—$31 million (the movie cost $97.6 million to produce)
2 Midway — $8.8 million
3 Charlie’s Angels—$8.6 million- To put it in perspective, the 2000 version made $40 million its opening weekend, and the 2003 sequel made $37 million.  They reportedly spent $48 million on this one, and it’s almost two hours long.

Jelly Belly is out with their holiday flavor collection. It includes eggnog, candy cane, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and hot chocolate.

Pabst Blue Ribbon just started selling new 99-PACKS of beer.  They come in a long, narrow box that’s several feet long . . . and cost $175.  And they’re available in 15 states. They are available in Minnesota & Wisconsin.By the way the math works out to $1.76 a can.

Some people are treating their cold and flu symptoms with a drink on the Starbucks secret menu. The Medicine Ball, or “Cold Buster”, contains Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea, hot water, steamed lemonade, and honey.  Some people have Baristas top the drink with a pump of peppermint syrup.

Netflix’s Full House spinoff wrapped five seasons on Friday. The final season will be 18 episodes with the first nine coming before the end of the year.

A bar called the Fusion Club in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is offering a new special:  Women get free drinks based on how much they weigh.  And the heavier they are, the more free drinks they get. I had to do some converting of metric system and currencies to figure out the exchange rate.  For every pound a woman weighs, she gets around 12.3 cents worth of drink credits. So a woman who weighs 110 pounds would get roughly $13.50 worth of free drinks.  A woman who weighs 200 pounds would get $24.60 worth of drinks. Women have the option to step on a scale at the entrance to the bar, or just share their own weight.  And they can show it to the bartender discreetly so they don’t have to publicly reveal their weight. The owner of the club says they’re running the promotion through the end of the year because, quote, “We wanted the ladies to surprise their partners and friends that it’s good to gain weight.” 

A new survey finds one in three Americans currently have a crack in their phone’s screen. And according to the poll, the average American drops their phone on the ground four times every week.

Chuck E. Cheese is rolling out some big changes at all of their locations.  Say goodbye to the animatronic bands that made them famous in the first place.  They’ll be replacing their tokens and robot performers for an “all you can play” model and light-up dance floor. 

Eric Church threw shade at Garth Brooks during a show this weekend in Washington D.C.  He was singing the Waylon Jennings’ classic “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” . . . and he changed one line to “I know Garth didn’t do it this way.”  It’s a slam on Garth winning Entertainer of the Year at last week’s CMAs.  Eric was also nominated and a lot of people thought he earned it with his Double Down Tour, which featured back-to-back shows.

A new study ranked the 50 biggest cities in the U.S. from the most to least GLOOMY, based on things like cloud cover, hours of daylight, and rain.  Seattle and Portland, Oregon are the gloomiest . . . and Phoenix and Las Vegas are the least gloomy. Milwaukee is the 8th gloomiest. Minneapolis/St. Paul is 18th.