January 2nd is the second day of the year

There are 43 days until Valentines Day-which is on a Friday this year

There are 358 days until Christmas… Which is on a Friday this year

(4th of July is on a Saturday)

Today is 55 MPH Speed Limit Day, National Buffet Day, National Cream Puff Day, National Motivation and Inspiration Day, National Personal Trainer Awareness Day, National Run it Up the Flagpole and See if Anybody Salutes It Day, National Science Fiction Day, Swiss Cheese Day and World Introvert Day

Just in time for the new “Star Wars” movie, someone came up with a new Starbucks drink hack called the Chewbacca Frappuccino.  You start by ordering a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino . . . ask for caramel drizzle in the cup . . . then top it with whipped cream and cookie crumbles.  It’s supposed to resemble Chewy’s fur and vest.  

Law enforcement officials say holiday thieves will be using garbage to find their next victims. Many thieves look for families that have placed discarded electronics boxes on the curb. The Police Department, says, “You’ve got crooks basically going shopping — looking at which house has a brand new TV, based on the boxes they throw out. As soon as your gifts are out of the box is the perfect time to etch your license number. Then jot down the item’s name, serial number and model number on a computer spreadsheet or a piece of paper that you’ll keep in a safe place. If you are robbed, that information is the best tool to aid police.”

A family in Georgia found an owl hiding in their Christmas tree. 

A new study found vegetarians and vegans get worse hangovers than people who eat meat. 

A guy in China will pay a car dealership $10,000 after his three-year-old found a rock and scratched 10 brand new Audis. 

The newest accessory that you can buy your dog?….A spike vest to help protect little dogs from raccoons, bigger dogs, and coyotes.

A doorbell camera in Colorado caught a guy pooping on a stranger’s porch.

A guy set the “Guinness World Record” for eating the most amount of ghost peppers in a minute.  He wolfed down 10 of them, but since peppers come in different sizes, it was about the total weight.  He ate a total of 97 grams.  This happened back in March, but Guinness confirmed it earlier this month.

Dr. Sonja Falck thinks that calling people “anti-IQ” names, like “nerd” or “geek”, should be considered hate crimes and legally punishable.  However, Bobby Seagul, a self-proclaimed “proud geek”, says doing so would “trivialize actual hate crimes that are based on disability, race and gender.”

A doctor says the most germ-infested spot in the average hotel room just might be the CHAIR in the corner.  Quote, “Chairs can often be made of hard-to-clean fabric and upholstery, and are definitely not cleaned [like] sheets and towels.”  

According to a new survey, only 12% of people say that someone who says they don’t want presents actually means it and would be unhappy if you got them something. 45% say that person probably THINKS they don’t want presents, but would be happy if you got them one . . . and 23% think that person definitely DOES want a present and might be upset if you don’t deliver.