WAXX Brainstarter: Wed 02/08/20- $25 in Casino Ca$h

Q: A new survey in England found our energy level peaks at 10:28 A.M. each day.  That’s when the average person feels like they have the most energy.  But then it plummets, and bottoms out around 2:43 P.M.The survey also asked people to list things they feel like they’re just “too tired” to do on any given day.  And Exercise was #1…. What is the #2 thing we are too tired to do on any given day?

A:   Clean the house

3.  Have sex.

4.  Put your clean clothes away.

5.  Cook dinner.

6.  Go for a walk.

7.  Go out to meet up with friends.

8.  Wash the dishes.

9.  Go to the gym to exercise.  

10.  Go to a friend’s place to hang out. 

A few more that cracked the Top 20 were reading, showering, and answering the phone.