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Q: According to a new survey…. When it comes to waiting in this instance, apparently 20% of us don’t mind waiting at all! What is it?

A: Waiting on hold for Customer Service

More than one in five Americans will stay on hold with customer service INDEFINITELY, according to a new poll.

31% will only wait five minutes . . . 34% will wait up to 15 minutes before they hang up . . . and 22% said they’ll stay on the phone “as long as [they] need to.”

The remaining 13% said they REFUSE to wait on hold.  They’ll either request a call back, or find another way to get in touch.

One in seven people also said they wish HOLD MUSIC wasn’t a thing.  15% of us would rather sit and stew in silence while we wait.

The most popular type of hold music is classical with 20% of the vote.  Country music and “rock or pop” tied for second . . . then hip hop.

Just over a quarter of us think that “listening to annoying music or repeated messages while on hold” is one of the most annoying things about customer service.

And 80% of us have gotten so frustrated, we’ve either started SWEARING at a customer service rep, or broken down in tears.