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Q: A new survey of 2,000 Americans looked at our favorite go-to excuses for NOT working out.  The #1 excuse is: “I’m too tired.”  58% of people like to use that one. That’s followed by: “I’ve got other stuff to do.”….What is the #3 go-to excuse for not working out?

A:  “I just don’t want to go.”  Which is the most honest one on the list.

4.  Making up a random excuse.

5.  “I stayed too late at work.”

6.  “I just want to get home.”

7.  “I can’t because I forgot something.”  Like headphones or a hair tie.

8.  “I can’t exercise right now, because I ATE too much.”

9.  “I feel dehydrated.”

10.  “I didn’t eat ENOUGH to work out.”