January 16th is the 16th day of the year. There are 350 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 29 days remaining until Valentine’s Day

There are 52 days remaining until Daylight Saving Time Change .. Spring Ahead

Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day, Get to Know Your Customers Day, International Hot and Spicy Food Day, National Fig Newton Day, National Nothing Day– On this date in 1920, Prohibition began

New Movies Opening Tonight

Bad Boys for Life (Rated R) … STARRING:Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, DJ Khaled, Vanessa Hudgens … Mike (Will Smith) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence) reunite after a cartel boss comes after them to seek revenge for his brother. …The movie cost $90 million to produce …Will Smith says Jon Lovitz and David Spade were the original Bad Boys

Dolittle (Rated PG) … STARRING:Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas, Michael Sheen, Emma Thompson, Tom Holland, Ralph Fiennes, Selena Gomez, Rami Malek, Octavia Spencer, Kumail Nanjiani, John Cena, Marion Cotillard, Craig Robinson … Dr. Dolittle (Robert Downey, Jr.) encounters many creatures as he sets out to find a cure for the Queen’s illness. …The movie cost $175 million to produce 

Ben & Jerry’s has created a new flavor called Netflix & Chill’d. It features peanut butter ice cream with salty pretzel swirls and gooey fudge brownies. Ben & Jerry’s is also making a non dairy version of the ice cream which will soon be available in freezers everywhere. The pints are expected to cost as much as $6 

A new study found people who drink skim or 1% milk age significantly slower than people who drink whole milk or 2%. 

Pabst Blue Ribbon just announced it’s coming out with a new, quote, “luxury” beer brand called . . . Captain Pabst.  And the first beer in the line is an IPA, which is hitting stores in Chicago and Wisconsin right now.

Busch Beer just announced a new program where they’ll be giving free beer to people in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, New York, and Wisconsin . . . a $1 refund on Busch beer for every inch of snow through the end of March.

From the Department of Super-Obvious Studies: A study finds that people who work extra hours are more likely to drink more.

A snowball fight event at a college in British Columbia, Canada was cancelled because . . . there’s too much snow outside.

A new weight loss trend where an “ice slurry” is injected into your fat to kill the cells might be the next magic bullet for fat loss. 

Spotify is now offering custom playlists for pets, including dogs, cats, lizards, hamsters, and birds.  They also launched something called “My Dog’s Favorite Podcast” to play when you’re not home.  It features soothing music and motivational messages. 

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has joined the billion-dollar club. The film hit the billion mark on Wednesday.

Guns N Roses is going to perform a pre-Super Bowl concert in Miami on January 31st. Snoop Dogg will open for the group