WAXX Brainstarter: Wed 2/12/20- $50 in Casino Ca$h

Q: Nearly one in four women say they wish their man had better table manners. According to a recent survey… What is the worst dining habit of all time?

A: Double-Dipping

2- Touching all of the food

3-Eating the best part of a dish before passing

4- The Presumptive Addition (Don’t salt or sauce the dish for everyone or salt your own food before you try it)

5- Chewing with your mouth open

6- Blowing your nose in a restaurant

  • 7- Talking on the cell phone at dinner

8- Being rude to the server

9-Taking Half of a cupcake from the company Birthday Party

A survey on the All-New WAXX Country Club: Your Thoughts on Double-Dipping

– 50% said”Only Among Family & Friends”

– 29% said “No! Never!”

– 14% said “Double-Dip away I say!”

– 7% say “Only when No One’s Looking”