February 14th

There are 11 days remaining until Mardi Gras

There are 23 days remaining until Daylight Saving Time Change .. Spring Ahead

Today is International Winter Bike to Work Day, Library Lovers Day, National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day, National Ferris Wheel Day, National No One Eats Alone Day, National Organ Donor Day and Valentine’s Day

— On this date in 1929, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre took place in a Chicago garage as seven of Al Capone’s rivals were gunned down

IN THEATERS – Sonic The Hedgehog is expected to open with around $50- to $55-million in ticket sales this weekend. Opening: Downhill (R); Fantasy Island (PG-13); The Photograph (PG-13); Sonic the Hedgehog (PG)

New Movies Sonic the Hedgehog (Rated PG-13)

STARRING:James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, Jim Carrey, Ben Schwart- Movie Synopsis: Sonic is targeted by the government after his super-speed accidentally causes a huge power outage.

Downhill (Rated PG-13)

STARRING:Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Will Ferrell- Movie Synopsis: A married couple begins to rethink their relationship after an avalanche ruins their ski trip.

 Fantasy Island (Rated R)

STARRING:Michael Pena, Dave Bautista, Lucy Hale- Movie Synopsis: Guests must solve the mysteries of Fantasy Island in order to escape with their lives.

A survey found the worst gifts people have gotten for Valentine’s day, including:  a used candle . . . clothes the guy’s EX left at his place . . . a lighter with a sports team’s logo on it . . . and a greeting card for a different holiday. 

Sprite’s new ginger flavor is here.

Ben & Jerry’s is releasing a new flavor called Peanut Butter Banana Split. It contains chocolate and banana ice creams, along with mini peanut butter cups.

Dunkin Donuts is releasing a new line of candy bars inspired by their coffee flavors. Flavors include caramel, French vanilla and original blend 

A company is selling dog collars that play SWEAR WORDS whenever your dog barks.  If you’re interested, they cost $60 . . . but right now, they’re temporarily sold out.

One day after they teased us with a sample, they’ve released Billie Eilish’s theme to the next James Bond movie, “No Time to Die.”  It hits theaters in April.

The Canadian military wants to recruit more women, and their plans are shorter skirts for the uniforms, highlighting the disaster relief they do, and calling medals “bling.”