Today is March 18th–  

There are 14 days remaining until April Fool’s Day

There are 167 days remaining until Kids go back to School (Sept 1)

Today is Global Recycling Day, Awkward Moments Day, National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day, National Sloppy Joe Day and National Awkward Moments Day

Pepsi is releasing two new flavors called Vanilla Zero Sugar and Cherry Zero Sugar

Kellogg’s is releasing Apple Jacks Caramel Cereal.

Eating two portions of mushrooms per week could halve your risk of abnormal brain decline in old age. Researchers found people who eat 300g or more of cooked mushrooms have a reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment. Mushrooms contain an amino acid which the body can’t make for itself.

A stressed-out mom took a picture after her kids found the toilet paper she’d bought . . . and ruined it all by throwing it in the bathtub.

A woman named Miley from Vancouver, Washington posted on Reddit about her recent handwashing issue. Quote, “Just realized my soap wasn’t working because it’s literally a block of cheese.” There’s more, quote, “It was a couple of days of ‘Why isn’t this foaming?’  I came to realize it was a dried-out square of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese.  I suspect I left it out when I was intoxicated and just forgot.” And she even shared a picture of the cheese . . . which DOES kinda look like soap.