Today is March 20th

There are 12 days remaining until April Fool’s Day

There are 40 weekends remaining until Xmas

Today is World Frog Day, World Oral Health Day, National Ravioli Day, Alien Abduction Day, International Day of Happiness, National Kiss Your Fiancé Day and Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day

Pop-Tarts just came out with new frosted confetti cake bites.

NASA got a Mars lander to fix itself by telling it to hit itself with a shovel.


To help ease your cabin fever, Hallmark Channel is bringing back its marathon of Christmas movies this weekend. Starting today (Friday, 11am ET) and continuing through Sunday the network will air 27 of its Countdown to Christmas films.

Right now there’s a rumor that taking ibuprofen makes the symptoms worse, which even the World Health Organization says they’re looking into . . . but has not officially been proven. Still, since the WHO’s involved, maybe take Tylenol for now.  THAT’S the effect of so much information flying around . . . we have to be cautious and still act on tips, because we can’t afford to get things wrong.

Some local jails are no longer accepting criminals because they are trying to practice social distancing due to the coronvirus.

A worker at a Purell hand sanitizer manufacturing plant in Akron, Ohio may have the coronavirus.

High schoolers are planning to hold their proms online. Huge FaceTime chat sessions and other video conferencing are being set up so high schoolers can still celebrate during the coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s video of two quarantined people in Italy that are down to their last nerve.  The woman is on her balcony playing the flute.  Terribly.  And then a guy comes out yelling and swinging an empty plastic jug that knocks the flute out of her hands.  She picks up the flute and the jug . . . and then goes at HIM with the jug while shouting and screaming.

Apparently there’s something called “stress pooping,” and it could make you use more toilet paper.  A psychologist in Colorado posted a video about it.

With more people indoors than, really, ever right now, animals have more free rein.  And this is how they’re living it up… Apparently, 14 elephants in Yunnan, China recently broke into a farm that was empty because its owners were self-quarantining.  And the elephants wound up drinking 66 pounds of CORN WINE. A picture is now going viral of two of the elephants passed out drunk.  Live your best life now, animals.