RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Tues 03/24/20 –

“Just Chillin’ … High and Low in Cali…… Regulate My Fruit Cocktail”

The average human body temperature is dropping about 0.05 degrees every decade.  It may be a result of modern medicine getting better, which has reduced the average levels of inflammation.

The highest and lowest point in the continental United States are in the same county.  Inyo County, California has Mount Whitney and the Badwater Basin in Death Valley.

The USDA regulates the fruit breakdown in fruit cocktail.  It must be 30% to 50% diced peaches . . . 25% to 45% diced pears . . . 6% to 16% diced pineapple . . . 6% to 20% whole grapes . . . and only a few cherries.