March 31st is the 91st day of the year. There are 275 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 12 days remaining until Easter

There is 62 days remaining until Meteorological Summer Begins (June 1st.. Summer officially begins June 20)

Today is Equal Pay Day, National Clams on the Half Shell Day, National Crayon Day, National Farm Workers Day, and National Tater Day

— On this date in 1918, Daylight Saving Time went into effect

DiGiorno just started selling a frozen pizza that has a CROISSANT crust.  And from the picture on the box . . . yeah, it really looks like the entire crust is just one big croissant. The pizza is brand new, so there’s no guarantee it’ll be in stock anywhere right now . . . but then again, when I try to place an online grocery order, everything else is out of stock too right now so who knows? 

Mountain Dew-flavored Doritos are now a thing.  Unfortunately, they’re only on sale in Australia right now . . . but one review described them as tasting like, quote, “citrus lime detergent.” 

A small town in North Carolina just had a Bigfoot sighting . . . it’s fourth recent one.  Less than two weeks ago, a guy spotted Bigfoot and described him, saying, quote, “He was real tall, he had big hands . . . his fur was real black.  And it was shaggy.” 

German officials are getting people to quarantine by posting Netflix spoilers on digital billboards. Two students from a design school came up with the idea to help keep people at home during the coronavirus outbreak. The digital billboards are spoiling the endings of shows like Stranger Things, Love Is Blind and Narcos.

TV TONIGHT: NBC NEWS SPECIAL: CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC _ Correspondents report on COVID-19 from around the world, with experts answering viewer questions. (9p CT, NBC)

Another studio is delaying the release of some of its movies. Sony has announced it will be delaying the release of five major films including the highly-anticipated Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

A museum in the Netherlands closed due to the coronavirus pandemic . . . and someone broke in and stole a Van Gogh painting.

The world’s largest SPLEEN was removed from a man in Florida.  It was 27 pounds and 8,800% larger than an average spleen.