April 1st is the 92nd day of the year. There are 274 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 11 days remaining until Easter

There are 162 days until Football Regular Season begins!
Today is April Fools’ Day, International Fun at Work Day, National Day of Hope, National Jump in Muddy Puddles Day, National One Cent Day, National Sourdough Bread Day & National Trombone Players Day

— On this date in 1970, the AMC Gremlin was first introduced

It’s harder to play April Fools’ Day pranks this year, but not everyone’s upset about it.  We found an old survey from 2017 where people were asked how they’d feel if April Fools’ Day was CANCELLED.  39% said they’d be happy, and only 24% said sad.  Everyone else wasn’t sure. 

A recent survey found men like April Fools’ Day pranks more than women.  51% of guys think they’re funny, compared to 41% of women

Kellogg’s is going to be selling giant versions of Fruit Loops, Corn Pops and Apple Jacks. The new Jumbo Snax line will be available starting next month.

Ketchup-flavored Doritos and Mountain Dew-flavored Doritos are being placed on sale for a limited time. The first batch has been shipped to Australia 

TV TONIGHT – Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood will perform tonight (Wednesday, 9PM ET) in an hour-long concert on CBS.

Canada has passed a $75 billion coronavirus stimulus package that calls for Canadians to receive $8,000 over the next four months. The money will go to people who have lost their jobs because of covid-19 

NFL owners have voted to expand their playoff format to 14-teams starting in 2020.

A cocaine dealer was busted in Ontario, Canada on Friday and charged with drug trafficking.  And he also got a ticket for operating a “non-essential” business during the pandemic