April 3rd is the 94th day of the year. There are 272 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 9 days remaining until Easter

There are 38 weekends until Christmas

Today is Find a Rainbow Day, Hospital Admitting Clerks Day, National Chocolate Mousse Day, National Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun Day, National Walk to Work Day, Tweed Day, and World Party Day

— On this date in 1953, TV Guide debuted


Ben & Jerry’s is launching a new flavor based on the Netflix show ‘Nailed It.” ‘Chip Happens’ has chocolate ice cream, fudge chips and crunchy potato chip swirls.

Apparently ordering your pizza uncut can make the crust even tastier.  Once they cut it, the oil and sauce start to run down into the crust and make it soggy.  So it’s better if you cut it yourself right before you eat it.

The release of “Top Gun: Maverick” has been postponed until December 23rd due to the coronavirus 

Have you gotten closer with your significant other over the past few weeks . . . or more distant?  According to a new survey, the majority of people in relationships say things haven’t changed . . . but 29% say it’s brought them closer, and 11% say it’s made them more distant.

How often should you wash your hair? According to certified trichologist Ky Smith, how often we should shampoo depends on a few different variables, including natural oil production, product usage, and hair type. The key isn’t just frequency, either. It also comes down to the specific products you’re using.… Matt Rez is a celebrity colorist and Redken brand ambassador. As a general rule for maintaining hair health, he recommends shampooing no more than two to three times per week.

Beginning today (Friday) you’ll be able to stream around 500 hours of movies and shows from HBO. Programming includes The Sopranos, Veep, The Wire and Pokémon Detective Pikachu. The movies and shows will be available to stream without an HBO subscription by downloading the HBO Now or HBO Go apps.

”Tiger King” star Joe Exotic has been transferred to a prison hospital because several fellow inmates tested positive for the coronavirus. The 57 year-old is serving a 22-year sentence for a murder-for-hire plot.