May 13th is the 134th day of the year. There are 232 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 12 days remaining until Memorial Day

Today is National Crouton Day, Cough Drop Day, Donate a Day’s Wages to Charity Day, International Hummus Day, International Receptionists’ Day, National Apple Pie Day, National Fruit Cocktail Day, National Root Canal Appreciation Day, National Third Shift Workers Day, Top Gun Day and World Cocktail Day

— On this date in 1958, The trademark for Velcro was registered.
A fashion designer in Italy has designed the “trikini” . . . that’s a bikini with a matching face mask.  And people are now getting “maskne” . . . that’s acne you get from wearing a face mask.

There’s a debate going on right now online about whether it’s cool to name your baby after your PET.  It started when a pregnant woman shared her story about how her husband keeps pushing to give their baby the same name as their CAT.  That name is Mungo, by the way.

80% of single people say they’re ready to stop doing “virtual dates” and start meeting up face-to-face again.  One big reason people are ready to ramp up their dating:  60% want someone to hunker down with if we have another round of quarantining later this year. 

A website is looking to hire someone to move to Pine Bluff, Arkansas . . . which they say is “the worst place in America” . . . for one month. 

The sporting goods company Sportarly is selling fake muscle suits and fake breast implants for people, who want to look good on their virtual dates.

The newest online makeup challenge is called the Tiny Face Challenge. You draw a tiny nose on the bridge of your real nose . . . and use lipstick by your nostrils to make them look like lips.  Then you cover your actual lips with a scarf or face mask.  

This may be the best music combination since, well, ever.  It’s a video of two guys getting waxed while they have harmonicas in their mouths.  One of them “makes music” while getting waxed on the stomach . . . and the other treats us to a harmonica moment as he gets his armpit hairs ripped out.

There was a trend a while back called the Bass Pro Challenge, where people were diving into the giant fish tanks at Bass Pro Shops.  And apparently it’s back.  A guy in Fort Myers, Florida was arrested for doing it the other day.

A 4th grade teacher recently shared one his student’s funny attempts at skipping zoom class by saying he was ‘having Internet issues’ and changing his screen name to ‘Reconecting…’ Unfortunately by incorrectly spelling ‘reconnecting’ his attempt was pretty easily foiled.

In India, authorities are looking — though not very hard — for the person who likes to break into homes and make the bed. Police say at least seven homes have been entered and in each case the person made the bed perfectly. In one home the person even washed the sheets before making the bed.

Walmart is giving their employees another bonus. Hourly employees will receive $300 while part-timers will get $150 on June 25th. Walmart plans to give out more than $390 million in bonuses