May 15th is the 136th day of the year. There are 230 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 10 days remaining until Memorial Day

Today is National Slider Day, Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day, Bring Flowers to Someone Day, NASCAR Day, National Bike to Work Day, National Chocolate Chip Day, National Pizza Party Day, Relive Your Past By Listening to the First Music You Ever Bought No Matter What It Was No Excuses Day, Straw Hat Day and Nylon Stockings Day

— On this date in 1940, Nylons first went on sale
McDonald’s free French fry promotion starts today. Customers, who make a one-dollar purchase through the McDonald’s app will get a free order of French fries at participating restaurants. The “Free Fries on Fry Day” deal runs through June 28th.

40% of families are most likely going to homeschool their children once the pandemic subsides.

Instead of taping off booths to keep people apart, a restaurant in South Carolina is using blow-up dolls to fill the seats. 

The new animated “Scooby-Doo” movie is out today.  It’s called “Scoob!”  Because of quarantine, it’s streaming on many platforms.  It’s a prequel.  We get to see how the much younger Shaggy, and puppy Scoob, become buddies.  The TV cartoon “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?” premiered on September 13th, 1969.  The new movie rents for $19.99, but you can own it for $5 more.

Bigfoot hunters are worried that Bigfoot is susceptible to coronavirus . . . so they’re sending out the message that you NEED to wear a mask when you go looking for Bigfoot to keep him safe. 

Giant Gypsy Moths may replace Murder Hornets as America’s newest pest. The Asian Moths have been found in Washington state and are known to damage landscaping, natural resources, crops, forests and orchards. The Department of Agriculture is investigating how they ended up in the U.S.. 

A new study looked at Google trends over the past 30 days to figure out what cocktail people in each state have been disproportionately searching for.  And there are lots of states looking for drinks like the Old Fashioned and margaritas . . . although a few are searching for more intense stuff like Kamikazes. In Minnesota it’s the “Olivetto” and in Wisconsin it’s the “Grasshopper.”

According to a new survey, more than three-quarters of people who’ve been working from home say they’d like to keep it that way permanently. 51% say they’re very interested, and another 25% are somewhat interested. Only 5% of people say they’re not interested in working from home at all.