WAXX Brainstarter: Thurs 5/21/20- $200 Casino Ca$h

Q:  According to a new survey (by Avocado Green Mattress) the top eco-friendly changes people have made since Covid-19 started are: They have reduced the amount of food they’re wasting …. And they are using paper products more sparingly….. What’s next on the list of eco-friendly changes people have made since the pandemic started?

A: They have been more careful of where they buy meat                                   

4- Shopped more sustainably                                                            
5- Recycled more often                    

6- Reduced my water usage                                                              

7- Video chatting instead of traveling to see friends and family         

8- Reduced my commute                                                                   

9- Used time to read books instead of solely streaming shows         

10- Started using a community garden (or their own garden)