June 25th is the 177th day of the year. There are 189 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 9 days remaining until Independence Day

There are 74 days remaining until Labor Day

Today is National Strawberry Parfait Day, National Bomb Pop Day, Global Beatles Day, National Catfish Day, National Handshake Day, National Work From Home Day, Goats Cheese Day and Color TV Day

— On this date in 1630, the fork was invented

— On this date in 2009, Farrah Fawcett died

— On this date in 2009, Michael Jackson died

Dairy Queen is now selling Drumstick Blizzards for a limited time. The desert features soft serve vanilla ice cream with chocolate, peanuts, Nestle drumstick pieces and syrup

Stouffer’s is launching a new product called Classic Lasagna Bites. The breaded bites are stuffed with a meat sauce, herbs and mozzarella cheese 

Sonic The Hedgehog is getting his own energy drink. “Sonic’s Peach Rings” is inspired by the Sonic universe and will be bursting with “peach gummy flavor.” The drink will be available starting in August in liquid and powdered form.

Hard seltzer was the “drink of the summer” last year, and was pitched as a low-calorie alternative to beer.  So this seems a little off-brand, but hard seltzer-flavored ICE CREAM now exists. The brand Truly Hard Seltzer teamed up with a company called Tipsy Scoop that makes alcoholic ice cream.  Each pint is 5% alcohol, just like their hard seltzer.  So it might get you drunk if you eat enough of it.  It’s not clear how many calories are in it. It comes in four flavors:  Truly Original Lemonade Ice Cream . . . Black Cherry Lemonade Ice Cream . . . Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet . . . and Mango Lemonade Sorbet.  And they’re selling variety packs on for $48, plus shipping. 

Snapple has a new mystery flavor for summer, and they want you to name it. 

A guy in Pennsylvania got caught driving on a suspended license for the ninth time, and the penalties keep adding up.  His license is now suspended until the year 2076.

A dad in Germany tried to order a Tesla online, but the final screen didn’t load when he hit the button.  So he hit it a bunch more times and accidentally ordered 28 Teslas.  The order was for more than $1.5 million, and the reservation fees aren’t refundable, so it should have cost him about $3,000.  But Tesla realized the mistake and refunded all the fees.

A new study found male drivers speed twice as often as female drivers.  At least until we hit our 30s, when it starts to even out. 

A new survey ranked all 50 states by how many of its residents have faked a sick day.  Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New Jersey do it the most.  People in Wisconsin, Utah, and Minnesota are the least likely to say they’ve done it. 

How much do you know about the human body?  One in five Americans think they have three kidneys, or more. 

The 2021 summer vacation planning period began earlier than ever, with many people who had planned bigger trips for summer 2020 simply pushing back those reservations to 2021. One travel company says 89 percent of clients with trips cancelled by pandemic shut-downs rebooked the very same itinerary for 2021.

A study says delivering bad news is easier — and the information gets delivered more accurately — when done by email rather than face-to-face or by phone. A co-author of the study thinks its because “People don’t sugarcoat” the news — “they just tell it like it is” through email.