June 26th is the 178th day of the year. There are 188 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 8 days remaining until Independence Day

Six months from today it’ll be the day after Xmas

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, National Chocolate Pudding Day, Tropical Cocktails Day, National Beautician’s Day, Canoe Day, Forgiveness Day, National Toothbrush Day and National Milkman Day

— On this date in 1498, the toothbrush was invented

A new downtown restaurant, called PB&J, for pizza, beer and jukebox, is selling a $350 peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The ‘Golden Goose’ has to be ordered a day in advance and features toasted bread made with edible gold leaves, the most expensive jelly in the world, Maison Dutriez Red Currant Jam, and all natural peanut butter. Manuka Honey, which is native to New Zealand, is drizzled on top of the sandwich.

There’s a rumor online that the food company Stouffer’s is working on a machine that serves macaroni-and-cheese on tap.

A Derry, Ireland pub went viral yesterday because of how they are social distancing. The patio at Villa Portstewart is open. Bartenders are socially distancing by throwing beers to customers. Most times, half the beer ends up on a customer’s shirt. They don’t mind and have lined up to sit outside and get splashed 

Pranksters recently placed soap in a fountain in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin. The police were able to identify the pranksters by using surveillance pictures and social media. White suds covered the fountain, landscaping and a sidewalk 

The Kentucky Derby has been rescheduled for September 5th. A limited number of fans will be allowed to attend as long as they follow safety guidelines 

A poll by eHarmony found the lockdown is causing “turbo-charged relationships,” where couples commit to each other a lot faster.  Over a third of people who recently moved in together said they think the past two months have been the equivalent of two years.

Chuck E. Cheese’s parent company has filed for bankruptcy.  That doesn’t mean they’re closing down all their stores, but their business has obviously been hit hard by the pandemic

Triple-A expects we’ll take 74% fewer flights this summer.  And summer travel will be down 15% overall.  But we’re expected to take almost as many ROAD TRIPS as last year.

Actress Rebel Wilson has lost a large amount of weight on the Mayr Method Diet. The diet requires people to chew each bite of food 30 times.