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Q:    A new survey (by McCain) reveals that 20% of parents believe the coronavirus lockdown has been beneficial for their kids because of the extra family time they are spending together. They also found the top things parents pledge to stick to after lockdown…. #1 is “More quality family time”… What is the #2 thing parents pledge to stick to after lockdown… (might ask you to be more specific)

A:  More family walks

3. More family meals together
4. To spend less money
5. Less rushing around
6. More outdoor time with their children
7. More laughter with their family
8. More conversations with their children
9. Less driving
10. More free time for their children

Other findings:

– families eat together eight times a week. That’s up from seven before the pandemic.

– 48% of people say their family is exercising more because of the pandemic.

– 28% of parents believe the pandemic has brought their family closer together

– 27% of parents say their family enjoys cooking and baking together.