July 23rd is the 205th day of the year. There are 161 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 46 days remaining until Labor Day

It has been 267 days  since the last Major League Game (10/30/19 Washington National won the World Series in Game 7 over the Houston Astros 6-2)

Today is .. Vanilla Ice Cream Day, National Peanut Butter & Chocolate Day, Gorgeous Grandma Day and International Yada, Yada, Yada Day

— On this date in 1904, the ice cream cone was invented
A survey found the average American throws out $520 worth of rotten fruit a year. 

We’re now washing our hands an average of eight times a day, up from five before the virus hit.  And we wash for an average of 19 seconds, up from 13.  But almost one in eight people still don’t always wash their hands after using the bathroom.

A couple in the U.K. have won their fight to name their new baby boy “Lucifer.”  An official told them they couldn’t, but that decision got reversed.  The parents say they just think it’s a “nice” and “unique” name, and in Latin it literally means “light-bringer.”

A survey reveals 80 percent of married respondents lie to their partners about spending. The survey found that most people lied about clothing and accessories, with food checking in as the second-most lied-about category. The top reason given for fibbing was that the significant other doesn’t need to know.

A guy in England  was gifted a “Collector’s Edition” Pokemon pack 20 years ago from his mom as a kid, and hated them. But since he wasn’t a fan he just put them aside.  After his daughter offered him six bucks for the pack he decided to get them valued… turns out they’re worth worth close to $50,000.

Because of all the social distancing, no one’s getting the flu.  It’s the middle of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and cases are way down.  For example, Australia had 22,000 confirmed cases in the last two weeks of June last year.  And this year, only 85.