July 27th is the 209th day of the year. There are 157 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 42 days remaining until Labor Day

There are 97 days until we switch the clocks back an hour (Sun Nov 1)

Today is .. National Chicken Finger Day, National Scotch Day, Creme Brulee Day, National Barbie in a Blender Day, National Seltzer Day, National New Jersey Day, Bagpipe Appreciation Day and Walk on Stilts Day

7-Eleven is once again selling hot dog-flavored potato chips 

Starbucks has added another SpongeBob SquarePants Frappuccino to its secret menu. It contains a cream frappe, coconut milk, peach juice, pineapple ginger syrup, tumeric and whipped cream 

Starburst has announced their packs with just the PINK flavor are now going on sale permanently.  For the past few years, they’ve only been available during the summer.

IKEA is launching their own clothing line. The line includes t-shirts, hoodies and bags with the IKEA logo and barcodes.

Baboons at a safari park in England have been spotted with weapons, including screwdrivers, knives, and a chainsaw.  It’s not clear if they stole them from people’s cars, or if tourists left them behind as a joke

A new study found you can eat an INSANE amount of calories once in a while and it won’t cause you long-term health problems.  Our bodies can actually handle and process the extra burst of calories really well . . . as long as you don’t do it too often.

The newest emojis came out last October.  And the ones that people have used the most are:  White heart . . . yawning face . . . brown heart . . . otter . . . and hand making the pinching gesture.

The pandemic has affected our sense of urgency about traveling.  According to a new survey, more than half of Americans say they’re now more motivated than ever to finish their “travel bucket list” once they have the chance.  And 76% have already started planning their next trip

There’s been a large increase in hunting and fishing licenses sold around the country as people are looking for more outdoor activities to do during the pandemic.