July 30th is the 212th day of the year. There are 154 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 39 days remaining until Labor Day

There are 93 days until Halloween (A Saturday this year)

Today is .. Cheesecake Day, National Chili Dog Day, National Share A Hug Day, World Embroidery Day, World Snorkeling Day, Father-In-Law Day & Paperback Book Day
Pepperidge Farm is bringing back their Milano Pumpkin Spice Cookies at the end of August.

French’s Mustard has created a limited-edition MUSTARD BEER for National Mustard Day.  It’s a wheat beer that’s made with tropical fruit and a little mustard, and it goes on sale online this Saturday at 

A website called the Vulgar Chef just released a new recipe for . . . hot dog Rice Krispies treats. And basically, it’s a batch of Rice Krispies treats with cut up hot dogs mixed in . . . and then ketchup, mustard, and relish on top. We didn’t find any reviews online, so we can’t tell you if this combo works . . . or if it’s going to taste just as unsettling as it sounds. 

Authorities in Brazil are looking for a pair of prison escapees. The men slipped out unnoticed after their wives smuggled women’s clothing and makeup to them during a weekend visit. Prison officials are still trying explain how two women went in and four went out without anyone catching on.

Remember this from a few years ago?  An audio trick that made the rounds in 2018 is going viral again.  There’s a toy that says the word “brainstorm” when you push a button, but not everyone hears that. You’ll either hear “brainstorm” or “green needle,” depending on which one you’re thinking about when you listen.

According to Wham-O, Slip ‘N Slides have totally sold out this summer with most public pools and water parks closed or running limited hours.  And Frisbee sales are up 500%.

According to a new survey, one in six people say that since the whole working-from-home thing started, they’ve taken conference calls from the toilet. The survey also found 4% of people sometimes EAT on the toilet . . . and 4% sometimes take naps. Also, since the pandemic started, one in three people say they use the bathroom as a chance to get some alone time . . . and 72% have increased the amount of time they’re spending on the toilet. 

The newest dating term is WOKEFISHING.  That’s where someone pretends to care about social and progressive issues to get dates on dating apps.