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Q:   A new survey found almost 85% of us take our gadgets along when camping now.  And just over 40% of people wouldn’t even go if they couldn’t take their phone.  What is the most common tech-related things we do while camping?

A: Use our phone to check the weather

2.  Googling stuff to do in the area

3.  Reading the news

4.  Posting photos on social media

5.  Using GPS when you go on hikes

6.  Streaming music on your phone or iPad

7.  Listening to the radio on your phone

8.  Playing video games

9.  Streaming movies to watch together

10.  Ordering food to your campsite.  The survey also found only 40% of kids today have cooked marshmallows over a fire

The top things that ANNOY us about camping include bad weather . . . the bathrooms . . . dealing with your tent . . . sleeping on the ground . . . and slow internet.