September 17th is the 261st day of the year. There are 105 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is .. Constitution Day, World Patient Safety Day, National Monte Cristo Day, International Country Music Day, International Day of Listening, National Table Shuffleboard Day and National Professional House Cleaners Day

There are 44 days remaining until Halloween

There are 45 days remaining until Daylight Saving Time ends

A new survey looked at the most common way people order coffee in all 50 states. People in 42 states prefer their coffee with cream and/or sugar.  Black coffee is #1 in five states:  Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, and North Dakota.  Two states prefer iced coffee:  Alaska and Idaho.  And Vermont is the only state where the top choice was lattes.

Is it too early for stores to start putting out their Christmas stuff?  According to a new survey, 75% of people say it’s too early and 19% say it’s not.

There’s a new site called Pinder for hooking up your PETS

A new survey posted by PC Mag reveals that 49% of people dislike Tik Tok videos.

”Saturday Night Live” has cast Jim Carrey as Joe Biden for the upcoming season.

Southwest Airlines plans to continue social distancing and will leave its middle seats open through at least November. They hope the move keeps travelers safe and gives their Thanksgiving travel a boost 

Amazon is planning to speed delivery by opening 1,500 warehouses in the U.S. suburbs. Jeff Bezos is going to spend billions on improving the company’s transportation capabilities.

Have you seen people driving around with their face masks hanging from their rear view mirrors?  I definitely have.  And now Triple A is warning people NOT to do that, because it could block your view and make you more likely to crash. The most frequently spoken word on the planet — no matter what the language — is