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Q: A new poll found more than a quarter of us use our car as a place to relax and escape.  But that doesn’t mean driving is a stress-free experience. 

The most stressful thing about driving, according to the survey…Tough driving conditions.  People ranked driving in snow as the most stressful.  Then driving in rain . . . driving in fog . . . and driving at night

A:  Driving in an area you don’t know very well.  Even with GPS, it’s stressful

3.  Tailgaters

4.  Hitting a big pothole

5.  When a big truck is driving right next to you

6.  When a warning light comes on.  Like your “Check Engine” light or “Gas” light

7.  When you can’t find a parking space

8.  Driving down a road that’s too narrow

9.  Parallel parking.  Especially if people are watching you.  One in five people said they try their best to avoid parallel parking in general

10.  Merging onto a busy highway

 Here are a few that ranked a little lower:  Passing someone on a bike . . . going around a blind corner . . . sitting in stand-still traffic . . . missing an exit, so you have to turn around . . . dealing with backseat drivers . . . and driving with kids in the car.