WAXX Brainstarter: Fri 10/09/20- $50 Casino Ca$h

Q: Someone polled people to find the top things we worry we FORGOT to do after leaving the house.  The #1 thing we stress about . . . “Did I leave the door unlocked?” What is next?

A: “Did I leave a window open?”

3.  “Did I leave something plugged in?”

4.  “Did I leave the iron on?”

5.  “Did I turn the oven off?”

6.  “Did I turn the burner on the stove off the whole way?”

7.  “Did I leave the sink on?”

8.  “Is my hair curler or straightener still on?”

9.  “Did I leave something valuable sitting out?”  Because a burglar might see it through a window and break in.

10.  “Did I leave the gate open?” 

Leaving the heat, lights, and TV on also made the top 20