January 8th is the 8th day of 2021. There are 357 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 25 days remaining until Groundhog Day

There are 50 shopping weekends until Xmas!

Today is …National English Toffee Day, Bubble Bath Day, National Hockey Mom Day, National Argyle Day (An argyle pattern is made of diamonds or lozenges), World Typing Day, National Snuggle a Chicken Day, Male Watchers Day and Show & Tell Day At Work Day

— On this date in 1790, President George Washington delivers the first state of the union address.

Oreo is launching a new flavor called Strawberry Frosted Donut. It comes with a glittery pink cream.

Kellogg’s is selling a Crayola Crayon-inspired cereal called Crayola Jazzberry. The puffed fruit-flavored cereal is available for a limited time 

The layout of your bathroom could be causing your luck to go right down the drain. That’s according to Rohit Arya, an expert in “vaastu,” which is the Indian equivalent of Chinese “feng shui.” Arya says it’s considered extremely bad luck to have your toilet in the same room as your shower or bathtub because it supposedly pollutes the same area where you clean yourself. Vaastu practitioners say you can’t really become prosperous unless you move your toilet out of your house — or at least put it in a separate room.… Since nearly all bathrooms usually combine toilets with tubs, Arya says you can reduce your bad luck by simply keeping the lid of the toilet shut whenever you’re not using it. Arya is the author of the book Vaastu: The Indian Art of Placement.

Tonight’s Mega Millions lottery jackpot is worth $510 million-tomorrow night’s Powerball drawing is worth $470 million. According to a study the Astrological Signs Most Likely To Win The Lottery …
Pisces (11.6%)
Gemini (9.9%)
Virgo (8.9%)
Aquarius (8.5%)
Scorpio (8.5%)
Taurus (8.5%)
Cancer (8.2%)
Leo (7.7%)
Libra (7.7%)
Capricorn (7.7%)
Aries (7.5%)
Sagittarius (6%)

51% of Americans are now mostly drinking at home, compared to 42% pre-COVID.  But there are actually more NON-drinkers today than a year ago.  Before the pandemic, 22% of people didn’t drink.  Now it’s 25%.

A woman on Twitter has a good idea for couples who can never agree on what to watch: “What if there was an app that both you and your partner have where you both swipe right or left on movies that are on your streaming services and when you find a match it lets you know.”

The last Civil War widow has passed away in Missouri.  If you’re wondering how that math possibly works, in 1936, she married a 93-year-old Civil War veteran when she was 17.  He died six year later . . . now she’s passed away at age 102. 

The most popular fast food option during the pandemic has been fried chicken.  And a new study found the most popular fast food fried chicken chain in each state over the past year.  KFC won the most states, with 14.

Tesla owner Elon Musk was the world’s wealthiest person yesterday for several hours. He was worth $185 billion while Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was worth $184 billion. By the afternoon, the stock market catapulted Bezos ahead of Musk. Bezos was worth $186.6 billion by the end of the day. Musk was worth $27 billion at the beginning of 2020. His net worth skyrocketed after shares of Tesla soared.