WAXX Brainstarter: Fri 1/08/21- $175 Casino Ca$h

Q:  According to a new survey (by BC Transportation) the #1 complaint people have about OTHER people’s winter driving is: People who drive with only a peephole to look out of. What is #2?

A: SUVs that cut in front and throw slush all over the windshield

3) People who think they are invincible because they drive a 4×4 or all wheel drive vehicle
4) People who don’t take all the snow off their vehicles
5) Drivers who think they are invisible, and no one else matters
6) Drivers who tailgate
7) Truckers who don’t think about the vehicle they’re passing in a snowstorm
8) People who don’t clear snow off the back window
9) People who don’t put their winter tires