RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Fri 4/19/19

“Rhinos, Royals & Pluto”

Rhinos don’t have any natural predators, but they kill each other more than any other mammal.  About 50% of males and 30% of females die from combat injuries.

The Kansas City Royals got their name from the American Royal . . . which is an annual rodeo and barbeque competition that started in 1899.

The Moon is larger than Pluto . . . it’s about 46% bigger.


April 19th is the 109th day of the year. There are 256 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 2 days remaining until Easter

There are 38 days remaining until Memorial Day (May 27th)

Today is Medicine Cabinet Day, Bicycle Day, Good Friday, Humorous Day, National Amaretto Day, National Garlic Day, National Hanging Out Day & National North Dakota Day

A couple Easter stats for you.  34% of people say their favorite Easter tradition is spending time with family  …85% of parents are planning to limit how much candy their kids eat on Easter.  I guess the rest say anything goes? ….Almost two-thirds of Americans say they’ll either make or eat deviled eggs this Easter

A new survey found the Easter candies that people love and hate the most.  The ones we love the most are Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and pastel colored M&M’s . . . and the ones we hate the most are Marshmallow Peeps and generic jelly beans.

Walmart will begin selling chocolate-stuffed marshmallows on April 28th. Each bag will sell for $4

IHOP is now selling churro-flavored pancakes that are topped with warm cinnamon sauce, cream cheese icing, whipped cream and mini churros. They sell for $12.29 and are available through September.

There’s a new trend where restaurants are giving people discounts for bringing in their own dishes.  One small salad chain even got an award from the EPA for a program where they give people a huge savings on their food if they bring a reusable bowl. According to the director of a nonprofit called the Earth Day Initiative, things ARE going to keep moving this way. Quote, “There’s a big uptick in people who are willing to carry around reusable containers.  It’s becoming the standard.” 

A couple in Dallas signed a deal before the Masters last week that if Tiger Woods won, the guy could name their son Tiger.  And since he DID win . . . now they’re following through with the bet.  They’re due in September.  

Marvel is spending $200 million to promote “Avengers: Endgame”. The film opens next week

A Missouri couple discovered a long-lost Powerball ticket in their glove compartment and quickly realized it was a $50,000 winner one day from expiring.

An 82-year-old woman in Scotland recently got fined for blasting music for two years to annoy her neighbors.  She was mad that their van blocked sunlight from getting into her house.  So she’d push her speakers up against the wall, put in ear plugs, and blast a song from 1922 called “The Laughing Policeman.”  Sometimes at 2:00 A.M.  And when you hear how annoying the song is, it’s amazing her neighbors lasted two years.

IN THEATERS – The Curse of La Llorona (R) should win the weekend box office with a total of around $20 million. A few million behind will be the faith-based film Breakthrough…. Also in theaters: Penguins (G); Breakthrough (PG)

RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Thurs 4/18/19

“Safety Pins, Rivers & Starbucks”

The guy who invented the safety pin in the mid-1800s came up with it because he desperately needed a way to make $15 to pay off a debt.  

There are 18 countries in the world with no rivers.  Saudi Arabia is by far the biggest . . . it’s 830,000 square miles, and there are zero rivers.

The people of Adak, Alaska are further from a Starbucks than anyone else in America.  The closest one is approximately 1,000 miles away, in Kodiak, Alaska. 


April 18th is the 108th day of the year. There are 257 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 17 days remaining until Cinco de Mayo

There are 140 days remaining until NFL Regular Season begins!

Today is International Amateur Radio Day, National Animal Crackers Day, National High Five Day and Piñata Day

Budweiser is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with a limited edition Apollo 11 Moon Beer. The red lager was brewed by using a Budweiser recipe from the 1960’s and 70’s.

Netflix wants people to stop referring to romantic comedies as ‘chick flicks.’ They posted, ‘Quick PSA: Can we stop calling films “chick flicks” unless the films are literally about small baby chickens? Here’s why this phrase should absolutely be retired. For starters, “chick flicks” are traditionally synonymous with romantic comedies. This suggests that women are the only people interested in 1. Romance 2. Comedy. Which I can promise from the men I’ve come across in my life – simply isn’t true.’

Pennsylvania is getting an official amphibian — a nocturnal, unsightly salamander that’s sometimes known as a snot otter, lasagna lizard or mud devil.

A group of people in London protested the British government’s response to climate change yesterday, by super-gluing themselves to the outside of a train.  It delayed service for a while, so people were annoyed  But one of the protesters said they had to get people’s attention.

60-year-old Madonna released the first single from her upcoming album, “Madame X”.  It’s called “Medellin”, and features a Latin artist named Maluma.

A guy in the U.K. is getting roasted online for complaining that hospital staff didn’t cater to HIS needs while his wife was in labor.  He was angry after he’d been in the waiting area for over 12 hours, and no one offered him a beverage.

The rise of the zombie pigs:  Scientists managed to revive pig brains four hours after death.


April 17th is the 107th day of the year. There are 258 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 5 days remaining until Easter

There are 141 days remaining until NFL Regular Season begins! (Thurs Sept 5)

Today is Bat Appreciation Day, Blah, Blah, Blah Day, International Ford Mustang Day, International Haiku Poetry Day, National Bookmobile Day, National Cheeseball Day, National Kickball Day, Nothing Like a Dame Day and School Librarians’ Day

People have pledged more than $780 million to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral. The French Timber industry and people from around the world are also donating trees for the rebuild. French construction companies are also offering to donate their services. L’Oreal is donating $225 million towards the rebuild. French President Emmanuel Macron wants the cathedral rebuilt within five years. The NY Post claims the cathedral was 15 to 30 minutes away from being destroyed before firefighters saved it.

Amazon now selling a 3 pound bag of dehydrated marshmallows for $20. Reviewers note they taste pretty much the same as the ones that come in the Lucky Charms box, and you can shovel these in by the fistful without the silly cereal taking up space.

KFC in Hong Kong is serving new popcorn-fried chicken . . . not popcorn chicken, literally chicken with pieces of popcorn as the breading.

The average emergency medical bill before insurance is now over $12,000. 

According to a new survey, 6% of people think Notre Dame Cathedral should be rebuilt with a new design. 

MTV will host a reality TV convention next summer.”RealityCon” will celebrate reality television’s impact on entertainment and society. It will feature panels, performances, and interviews with various reality TV stars. No word yet on where the convention will take place.

Nabisco has recalled Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies because some may contain a mysterious solidified ingredient. The recall is for 13-ounce packages with sell-by dates in September

A new study out of the Netherlands found that when some people hear different vowel sounds, our brains associate them with a color.  It’s true.  And you can even use that to figure out what COLOR people associate with your name.

Here’s the breakdown . . .

1.  A sounds like red, pink, or orange.

2.  E sounds like green and orange.

3.  I sounds like green and yellow.

4.  O sounds like blue and purple.

5.  And U sounds like blue or red.

So if your name is “Pete,” that’s a green and orange name.  If your name is “Ivan,” that’s green and yellow, with maybe a little red or orange thrown in.

A new study finally found a way to get kids to eat healthy:  Make it REBELLIOUS.  Researchers gave teenagers an article about how corporations are manipulating them to eat addictive junk food and getting rich off them as a result . . . And . . . they found the kids who read about how they were being manipulated immediately started making healthier food choices.  The group that just read about the healthy benefits of foods didn’t. The researchers say it’s because the kids had a powerful instinct to rebel against the food companies and stick it to the people exploiting them. 

Someone broke into a home in Florida and stole three bags of frozen chicken wings. The thief also left with a beer from the fridge — but only one. He or she left behind three other beers.


April 16th is the 106th day of the year. There are 259 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 5 days remaining until Easter

There are 66 days remaining until Summer begins(Fri June 21)

Today is National Bean Counters’ Day, National Eggs Benedict Day, National Librarian Day, National Library Workers Day, National Orchid Day, National Stress Awareness Day, National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, Save The Elephant Day and World Semicolon Day

The Notre Dame Cathedral in France caught on fire yesterday. The 856 year-old church was undergoing a renovation project when the scaffolding on the facade caught on fire. The roof of the church collapsed due to the flames. Over 13 million people visit the cathedral each year. The church was expecting 1,000 people for Easter Sunday mass. The cathedral’s spire toppled over in flames just after 3 p.m. Eastern time. Business Insider claims the church burned so quickly because of its wooden frame and wooden beams. Some of the beams were installed in the 1200’s. People magazine claims many of the priceless and irreplaceable statues and relics were removed a week ago because of the renovation A source tells the Daily Mirror, “It appears that it all began as a relatively small fire linked to a stray flame in the roof. The fire was so high up that it was difficult to get to, meaning it soon spread across the roof, causing a terrible blaze.”

Burger King is testing Cheese Bites at several Texas restaurants. The bites look like mini mozzarella sticks. People are giving the bites positive reviews

Vlasic just announced they’re coming out with new PICKLE CHIPS soon.  These aren’t pickle-flavored potato chips, which have been around forever.  These are chips literally made out of vacuum-fried pickles.  

Congratulations are in order for Jeopardy! contestant James Holzhauer, who is now the second-highest earner in the game’s history. After winning his eighth consecutive episode on Monday, the 34-year-old professional sports gambler’s total earnings reached $460,479.… At this point, the only contestant to earn more than Holzhauer was Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings, who took home an incredible $2,520,700 from his 74-game winning streak.

6% of Game of Thrones fans called out sick yesterday because of Sunday night’s season premiere.

A record 17.4 million people watched the premiere of ”Game of Thrones” on Sunday. That’s up 1.3 million viewers from the previous season’s premiere

Five minutes of ”Avengers: Endgame” was leaked onto YouTube last night. The footage allegedly contained major spoilers

There’s an article going viral right now making a case for why we should all pee in the shower.  It’s because Americans would save 1.3 TRILLION GALLONS of water a year by not flushing the toilet all the time. 

A new study out of the Netherlands found that when some people hear different vowel sounds, our brains associate them with a color.  It’s true.  And you can even use that to figure out what COLOR people associate with your name.

Here’s the breakdown . . .

1.  A sounds like red, pink, or orange.

2.  E sounds like green and orange.

3.  I sounds like green and yellow.

4.  O sounds like blue and purple.

5.  And U sounds like blue or red.

So if your name is “Pete,” that’s a green and orange name.  If your name is “Ivan,” that’s green and yellow, with maybe a little red or orange thrown in. 

James Adducci, of LaCrosse Wisconsin, cashed in his winning Tiger Woods ticket yesterday. James placed an $85,000 bet on Woods to win The Masters. He took the odds of 14-1 and is taking home $1.19 million. James works as a day trader and says two casinos turned him away before the William Hill betting agency took his backpack full of money. The wager was the first James ever made. James says he was $25,000 in debt because his protein supplement company went out of business

RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Mon 4/15/19 –

Chopsticks, Holidays & Christmas Money

There’s actually a phobia called consecotaleophobia  . . . where you’re afraid of CHOPSTICKS.

There was once an American federal holiday called The Eighth, which commemorated the final battle of the War of 1812 on January 8th, 1815.  It stopped being celebrated during the Civil War, and is now totally defunct.

Banks could design money to look however they wanted until 1861, when the U.S. Treasury stepped in and standardized everything.  Before that, special Christmas money was pretty common, including a lot of bills that featured pictures of Santa.


April 15th is the 105th day of the year. There are 260 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 6 days remaining until Easter

There are 20 days remaining until Cinco de Mayo

Today is Tax Day, Boston Marathon Day, Holy Monday, National Glazed Spiral Ham Day, National Griper’s Day, National Rubber Eraser Day, National That Sucks Day, Patriots’ Day, Take a Wild Guess Day & Titanic Remembrance Day

The Bath Township, Michigan police canceled crime last night between 8 pm and midnight because ”Game of Thrones” was on. They posted ….Just a reminder that no crime shall be committed on Sundays between 8pm and Midnight until Game of Thrones is over.

Today is Tax Day, and a new study found it’s the top day of the year for ROBOCALLS.  Scammers like today because everyone’s on edge and not sure they did their taxes perfectly, so we’re a little more susceptible to someone posing as the IRS asking for money or personal info. 

Dr. Pepper-flavored cotton candy is now being sold on Amazon.com for $22.

An ice cream chain called Amorino just started serving a GELATO BURGER at two of its locations in New York.  It’s got two scoops of gelato and a topping like Nutella . . . all on a chocolate-flavored hamburger bun.

According to a new study, the key to slowing down your hearing loss as you get older is . . . MORE CHOCOLATE.  The researchers found people who regularly ate chocolate lost less of their ability to hear as they got older . . . and it’s probably because of all the antioxidants. 

Tiger Woods won the Masters yesterday by one shot. It was his fifth Masters win. Business Insider claims a gambler made an $85,000 bet that Tiger would win The Masters. The gambler won the bet and will receive $1.19 million. Tiger hadn’t won a major golf tournament since 2008. His odds to win The Masters were 14 to 1. Tiger won $2.07 million. 

Last night’s Angels-Cubs game at Wrigley Field in Chicago was postponed because of heavy snow.

Disneyland’s new Star Wars attraction is going to open next month. It will feature blue milk at the Cantina as well as Coca-Cola served in grenade-like bottles.

Residents of a neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, are confused by the bowls of mashed potatoes they’re finding on their cars, porches and mailboxes.

A study has found that men with beards carry more germs than dogs — including deadly bacteria — in their facial fuzz. Researchers discovered that nearly half of all sampled beards hosted bugs dangerous to human health. The study described dogs as ‘cleaner’ than bearded men.