Q:   According to a new survey, over 75% of people say that on an average day, THIS is their happiest moments! When  is it?


A: When they’re EATING.


And for 20% of people eating is even more enjoyable than getting-it-on.


The survey also found the 10 foods that make us the happiest.


 They are:  Chocolate . . . pizza . . . fried foods . . . steak . . . burgers . . . spicy foods . . . ice cream . . . brownies . . . cheese . . . and pasta. 


Q:   A new survey asked single people to name the WORST things to wear on a date.  What is #1 on this list?


A: Wrinkled clothes.  66% say it’s a big turnoff.


  1. Socks with sandals, 55%.


  1. Crocs, 53%.


  1. Baggy clothes, 50%.


  1. Granny panties or other unattractive underwear, 45%.


  1. Board shorts, 45%.


  1. Clothes that are “too young” for your age, 44%.


  1. Pants that are too short or long, 39%.


  1. Low-rise pants, 38%.


  1. Super tight shirts, 34%. 


Q:   According to recent research, doing THIS for 60 minutes each week can make you almost 55% happier… What is it?


A: Clean


Researchers polled 2,000 people, and found that every hour of cleaning you do each week is associated with a 53% boost in overall happiness.


The survey found people who actually ENJOY cleaning are also 25% happier overall.


 80% of people said they feel more relaxed when their home is clean.  77% feel more focused.  72% sleep better.  And 72% said they’re more productive.


 60% of parents also said their kids are able to study better when their room is clean.  And 49% said they behave better too. 


Q:   According to a new study, close to 65% of adults say that they do THIS every day…. In 1995 it was under 50%. What is it?


A: Drink a cup of Coffee every day.


79% of those people usually drink their cup of coffee at home or work . . . 36% have it at a coffee shop or restaurant.  And yeah, there’s overlap there, because there are plenty of people doing both. 


Q:   According to a new survey (by Mattress Advisor) the most common dream for Men is about falling. What is the most common dream for women according to this new survey?


A: Dreams about traveling


dreams about traveling 39%

dreams about being chased 19%

dreams about lovemaking 15.2%

dreams about losing teeth 9.9%

dreams about ending a relationship 8.3%


dreams about falling 19.4%

dreams about being chased 17.1%

dreams about being attacked 13.7%

lovemaking dreams 15%

dreams about having superhero powers 8.7%

dreams about money 8.4%


Q:   According to a recent survey, when it comes to their home life, close to 55% of Men wish their wife would NEVER do this! What is it?


A: NEVER come into their Man-Cave


The most important features are multiple TVs and a sound system.  An indoor putting green ranked last.  But come on . . . how awesome would that be?


42% of guys with a man-cave said they have more than one TV in it.  40% also have some sort of video game setup.  29% have a fully stocked bar.  24% have a dart board.  And 21% have a pool table.


42% of guys with man-caves said they hang out in there just about every day.  Another 35% said a few times a week. 


Q:   According to a recent survey- almost 95% of people say that it unacceptable to do this at work. What is it?


A: Play music without headphones in


94% say it’s unacceptable.  Only 6% of us are fine with it.


Is it okay to occasionally make personal phone calls at work?  51% say no.  49% say it’s fine, as long as it’s not all the time.


  1. Should you mute your cell phone, so it doesn’t make noise all day when you get text messages?  75% say mute it.  25% don’t care.


Q:   According to a new survey (out of England), the #1 thing you can do to seem “classy” is…. Go to the opera.  76% said it’s classy.  What is the #2 thing you can do to seem classy?


A: Going to the ballet, 72%.


  1. Going to an art exhibit, 50%.


  1. Going to a spa, 38%.


  1. Going to the theater, 36%.  That seems a little low.


  1. Going to a museum, 18%.


  1. Going to a CASINO, also 18%.  (???) That one really depends on context.  Like if you’re at Circus Circus on a Wednesday playing the nickel slots, that’s kind of the epitome of NO class.


  1. Eating at a nice restaurant, 12%.


 A few things that DON’T make you seem classy include going to the movies . . . seeing live music, except maybe classical . . . seeing live stand-up comedy . . . going to bingo night . . . and having dinner at a bar. 


Q:   According to a new survey, one out of six people say that they do NOT follow this simple etiquette rule when eating at a restaurant with others. What is it?


 A:  start eating before everyone has their food


75% say they wait until everyone has their food before they start eating. 


Q:   According to a new study, the average person says that they panic almost 40 times a year because of THIS! What is it?


A: They feel like they have, quote, “nothing to wear.”


 That’s three times a month.

The truth is, we have approximately 53 things in our closet.  We just don’t WANT to wear any of them.

 The study also found we spend eight hours a month deciding what to wear . . . which adds up to four full days a year.

 And 74% of us have stuff in our closet we’ll never wear again but we hang onto it for sentimental reasons.