WAXX Brainstarter: Fri 11/20/20- $50 Casino Ca$h

Q:  According to a new survey, more than half of people say they’re, quote, “writing off the end of the year” when it comes to making healthy or even reasonable food choices. – The survey also found the seven most amazingly gluttonous things people have done during the holidays in the past. 

– The #1 thing is: They’ve Eaten so much they’ve had to unbutton your pants . . . 45% have done this.

– What’s the next over-eating thing people have done during the Holidays?

A:   Eaten more than one of the same meal in a day, like two dinners . . . 43%

3.  Eaten more than one dessert at a meal . . . 43%

4.  Eaten more than three meals in a day . . . 35%

5.  Eaten until they felt sick . . . 30%

6.  Eaten an extra-large midnight snack . . . 25%

7.  Hid holiday foods to save them for later . . . 12%

WAXX Brainstarter: Thurs 11/12/20- $50 Casino Ca$h

Q:  According to a new survey of 2,000 people by the dating app Woo Plus … What is the top sign that you and a partner have reached the “Comfort Zone?”

A: Sleep in the same bed 48%

2. Meet their family 38%
3. Leave the door open when I use the bathroom 37%
4. Tell them a deep secret 36%
5. Shower at their place 36%
6. Call each other pet names 34%
7. Don’t wear makeup in front of them 32%
8. Have them meet my family 32%
9. Trust them to take care of my pet 30%
10. Talk about having a future together (marriage, kids, etc.) 29%

WAXX Brainstarter: Wed 11/11/20- $25 Casino Ca$h

Q:  According to a new survey (of 2,000 people by the wood burning stove company) the Top 10 Thing People Buy To Make A Cozy Home During the Winter….is: A FLEECE THROW…. What was next on the list?

A: Thick socks

3. Slippers
4. Autumnal/winter scented candles
5. Books
6. Pajamas
7. Cushions/pillows
8. Loungewear/tracksuits
9. Jumpers
10. New bedding

WAXX Brainstarter: Mon 11/09/20- $100 Casino Ca$h

Q:  A new survey found the top things we aren’t looking forward to about Thanksgiving.  Here’s the Top 10 . . .What is #1?

A:   Doing so many dishes.

2.  Cleaning your home.  Before and afterward, if you’re hosting

3.  Prepping the food

4.  Cleaning the table after dinner

5.  Shopping

6.  Waiting for everything to be ready

7.  Too much noise

8.  Waking up early to get it all done

9.  Dealing with difficult family members

10.  Being in “host” mode all day

WAXX Brainstarter: Wed 11/04/20- $25 Casino Ca$h

Q:  A new survey asked people about the stuff we probably shouldn’t miss, but surprisingly we do during this changed year….Here are a few examples: The Top Answer was: Having boring conversations at work.  32% miss it….. Next was: Hearing our friends tell stories about things we didn’t do (28%)… What is the next thing that we miss that we didn’t think we would? (might ask you to be more specific)

A:   Getting drinks after work with coworkers we don’t like, 25%

4.  Having random conversations with strangers, 23%

5.  Commuting, 17%

6.  Eating the same boring lunches at work every day, 13%

7.  Hearing other people’s music in the office, 11%

8.  Going on awkward first dates, 10%

WAXX Brainstarter: Tues 11/03/20- $150 Casino Ca$h

Q: A new survey (from 3,000 women by One Poll) asked Mom’s: What the BEST PART OF BEING A MOM. What’s the #1 answer?

A: Hearing their laugh – 60%

2) Watching them to their first steps – 59%
3) Giving them hugs – 59%
4) Teaching them new skills – 58%
5) Celebrating their first birthday – 57%
6) Celebrating their first Christmas – 52%
7) Watching their performances (I.e. band, orchestra, school play) – 51%
8) Taking care of them when they’re sick – 51%
9) Teaching them how to read – 50%
10) Tucking them into bed – 50%

WAXX Brainstarter: Thurs 10/29/20- $75 Casino Ca$h

Q: According to a new survey, 40% of people say that THIS is important to agree on in a relationship and that it would be a deal breaker if they didn’t…… What is it?

A: Food Compatibility

The survey found two out of five people say “food compatibility” is so important in a relationship that it’d be a deal breaker if they were dating someone who liked different foods than them.

The average couple gets into three arguments a week over what restaurant to get dinner from.  That works out to 156 arguments every year.

 Here are the top five things people debate:  Where to order from . . . what to order . . . who’s going to pick it up . . . how much food to get . . . and will you share or each get your own thing?

Each of those debates takes an average of 17 minutes to resolve.  So that adds up to more than 44 hours a year.