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Q:  According to a new survey, three-quarters of us grew up doing this….. but know that’s down below 50%. What is it?

A: Eating dinner at the dining room table

Three-quarters of us grew up eating dinner basically every night at the dining room table . . . now that’s down to 48%.  Yes, the majority of people DON’T eat dinner at the dining room table.

So where ARE we eating?

30% of people say the couch . . . only 12% of people ate on the couch growing up.  And 17% say they eat in a bedroom . . . only 6% of people did that growing up.

The survey also found 20% of people cook every single day, and 50% cook at least four times a week. 

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Q:  According to a new survey there’s a direct correlation between how happy you are and if you can be classified as really __________________.

A: Really clean

And super-clean people are MUCH more likely to be happy in general.

62% of clean freaks said they’re happy with their life.  That’s compared to 39% of “moderately clean” people, and just 30% of people who described themselves as messy.

67% of super-clean people also like their job, compared to 38% of messy people.  70% vs. 40% are happy with their love life. 76% vs. 42% said their relationship with their family is good.  And 53% vs. 26% are happy with the level of sleep they get.

Messy people are also almost twice as likely to be stressed out in general.  Only 22% said their stress level is okay, compared to41% of clean freaks.

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Q:  According to a new survey, 44% of people admit they’ve used a move as a chance to get rid of some of their significant other’s stuff. The #1 thing of theirs we get rid of is Clothes…. What’s #2?

A: Books

3- DVDs

4- photos

5- posters

6- CDs

7- pots and pans

8- bedding

9- rugs

10- lamps.

The survey also found that when we help someone else move, 51% of us try to just move the lightest boxes . . . and 39% of us are annoyed the entire time that we got roped into helping with the move. 

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Q:  A new survey asked people to name the top inventions from the past 25 years.  WiFi was #1 & Smartphones was #2… What was next on the list of top inventions from the past 25 years?

A: Online banking

 1.  Wi-Fi.  The “Internet” didn’t qualify because it’s over 25 years old. 

2.  Smartphones.

3.  Online banking.

4.  Online search engines, like Google.

5.  Online shopping platforms, like Amazon.

6.  Stem cell technology.

7.  GPS.

8.  Flat-screen TVs. 

9.  Contactless payment, where you just hover your credit card or phone over the machine instead of swiping.  (THAT made the top 10?)

10.  Tablet devices. 

YouTube just missed the list at #11, coming in ahead of 3D printers (#12), Netflix (#13), Skype (#15), electric cars (#16),Facebook (#19), and wireless headphones (#20).

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Q:  According to a new survey… almost 90% of people say they think they know “a great deal” about their mom’s life.  The top mom facts people we’re familiar with – Where she grew up and where she went to school (High School or College)… What was the next top Mom Fact that people knew?

A: The name of the street she grew up on

1.  Where she grew up.  74% of people know the answer to that one.

2.  Where she went to high school or college, 60%.

3.  The name of the street she grew up on, 50%.

4.  What her first job was, 49%.

5.  Her ancestry, 48%.

The poll also asked people to name the top TRAITS they got from their mom.

The top five answers were her compassion . . . her sensitivity . . . her work ethic . . . her sense of humor . . . and her good looks. 

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Q:  According to new study (out of the University of California, Riverside) contrary to what an age-old stereotype….Men do THIS just as much as women… What is it?

A: Gossip

More specifically… NEGATIVE gossip

The researchers found women DO gossip more than men . . . but only when it comes to saying neutral things about people like, “Hey, did you hear Jesse is moving?”

When it comes to negative gossip and talking about people behind their backs, men do it and love it JUST as much as women.

The survey also found about 14% of our conversations are gossip, so about 52 minutes’ worth a day.

And we’re almost 10 times more likely to share gossip about people we know than share celebrity gossip. 

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Q:  A new survey by a dating site (BeautifulPeople.com) asked people to name the “ugliest” features you can have.  The worst features for a woman are being overweight . . . having wonky eyes . . . and having a big nose.  What is the worst feature for men?

A: Bad Mouth or teeth

Top 10 ‘ugliest’ features according to women:

  1. Bad mouth — too small, no lips, poor teeth
  2. Obese/overweight
  3. Too short
  4. Bad skin
  5. Un-groomed facial or body hair — unibrow, nose hairs, wild beard, excessive back hair
  6. Crooked, large or otherwise ugly nose
  7. Balding or unkempt hair (not specifically styled that way)
  8. Bad posture
  9. Dirty or long nails or both
  10. Too skinny/scrawny/effeminate

Top 10 ‘ugliest’ features according to men:

  1. Obese/ overweight
  2. Eyes too far apart or close together or wonky
  3. Big/unsightly nose
  4. Bad skin
  5. Poor figure (No shape, curves)
  6. No butt, too much butt
  7. ThinFat — Skinny but; no body tone
  8. Bad mouth/teeth — too small, no lips, poor teeth
  9. Bad makeup (too much makeup, makeup not correctly applied)
  10. Unibrow, no plucking, too much plucking

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Q:  A new survey asked people what they’d do for a YEAR of perfect sleep.  The #1 answer was Give up Alcohol, #2 was give up Reality TV… what was next?

A: Shave their Head

1.  Give up alcohol, 34%.

2.  Give up reality TV, 33%.

3.  Shave their head, 26%.

4.  Give up social media, 26%.

5.  Pay $2,000, 24%.

6.  Only shower once a week, 22%.

7.  Give up sex for the year, 21%.

8.  Give up hair removal, 18%.

9.  Give up their cell phone, 18%.

10.  Go to jail for a week, 14%. 

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Q: A new survey asked Uber and Lyft drivers for the most annoying things their passengers do.  #1 was: Eating food that stinks. What is the #2 most annoying thing people do when they use Uber or Lyft?

A: Smoking weed, or smelling like weed.

3.  Arguing with the route.

4.  Slamming the door.

5.  Being rude.

6.  Making female drivers uncomfortable.

7.  Not being ready to go.

8.  Not tipping.

9.  Setting the wrong spot as the pick-up point.

10.  Vaping in the car.