Q: Almost all of us SAY we never do this. But, we actually do 32 times a year on average.


A: Break the Law


The main crimes we commit are things like using someone’s WiFi without permission, honking our horns excessively, and, of course, texting and driving. 


Q: According to a new study, spending two hours a day or more doing THIS you DUMBER.


A: Spending two hours a day or more in the car


 The researchers say driving is mentally stressful and fatiguing, and when you pair that with being sedentary for so long, it causes gradual declines in your brain.  It literally reduces your IQ sitting in the car that much.


Q:  According to a recent article (in the Huffington Post) being a “Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All” is the most obnoxious type of co-worker. What was #2?

A: The Cubicle Invader

#3: The Office Bully

#4: The Gossip

#5: The Loud Talker

#6: The Stud

#7: The Best Friend

#8: The Email Ranter

9: Mr./Ms. Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am?



Q:  A new survey (by Home Advisor) reveals that 70% of people say not bringing a gift is their biggest houseguest pet peeve. According to this same survey- 60% of people get peeved when houseguests don’t do THIS! What is it?

A:  When houseguests do not send thank you notes.



Q:  According to a new study, almost 60% of us do THIS when we come across stories on social media. What is it?


A: Share the story without actually READING it.


We just read the headline and repost it


A recent survey listed the summer fashion mistakes guys make all the time. #1 was: Wearing sandals or flip-flops too much. (Even without socks, you can’t wear them all the time.  If you’re getting even slightly dressed up, throw some actual shoes on)… What was the #2 summer fashion mistake guys make all the time?


A: Buying sunglasses that don’t fit your face. 

(Just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they’ll look good on you.  So either stick with what works, or google what looks best with different face shapes.  And if you go to a store, bring someone for feedback)


 3.  Wearing shorts to events that are more formal.  They’re the most practical choice when it’s hot out, so that’s why guys do it.  But you can’t always get away with shorts.  So it’s a good idea to invest in at least one pair of lightweight cotton or linen pants.


 4.  Going sockless without taking any precautions.  Wearing loafers or boat shoes without socks is in style right now.  But you’ll probably end up with blisters the first time you try it.  And your feet will start to stink after a while.


 So either wear no-show ankle socks.  Or sprinkle some foot powder in there to soak up the moisture and let them slide a little easier. 


Q:   According to a recent survey (from Expedia) the most annoying thing other drivers do is texting.  (For the third year in a row). It also listed the most annoying things PASSENGERS do . . .#1 was  Backseat driving.  61% of people in the survey said it’s the most annoying thing you can do when you’re a passenger. What was the #2 most annoying thing passengers do?


A: Being a bad navigator, 11%.  But don’t we all just use GPS now?


3.  Hogging the radio, 9%.  Especially if you’re listening to OUR show, and they try to change the station.

4.  Falling asleep, 6%.  Especially if you’re on a long road trip, because you’ve got no one to talk to.

5.  Taking your shoes off, 5%.  And it’s even worse if you put your feet up on the dashboard . . . and then fall ASLEEP. 


Q: According to a new survey (by Curry’s PC World) almost 15% of women don’t go out (to nightclubs) because of THIS! What is the reason?

A: The pain and aches associated with wearing high heels

Too Old For Nightclubs

A new survey by Curry’s PC World reveals that 37% of people don’t like seeing people in their 40’s or 50’s at nightclubs. Other findings:

– people say 31 is the average age at which people should stop going to nightclubs.

– people say clubgoers who are 37 years of age or older are tragic.

– 29% of people have stopped going to nightclubs because they can no longer deal with a hangover the next day.

– 12% of women don’t go to nightclubs because they have trouble booking a babysitter.

– 22% of women don’t go to nightclubs because they get tired of getting dressed up


Q:   A new study (out of the University of California) found that people who do THIS a lot actually become HAPPIER. What is it?

A: Take a lot of selfies . . . and then share them with friends