Q: A new study (out of the London School of Economics and the University of Massachusetts) finds that people who can be described as THIS make more money at their occupation. What is it?… HINT: It’s opposite what we’ve been led to believe


A: Unattractive people make more money than average looking people


Why?  The researchers think it’s because people who are on either extreme end of the attractiveness scale STAND OUT.


And because their looks make them memorable, bosses pay more attention to them, and ultimately that leads to them getting bigger raises.


Q:  According to a new survey (by Buzzfeed) what is the word that people dislike the MOST?


A: Squirt (55% of people cringe)


2.  Moist, 51%.


3.  Squelch, 45%.


4.  Secrete, 43%.


5.  TIE:  Panties, 35% . . . and defecate, 35%.


6.  Flaccid, 33%.


7.  Yeast, 31%.


8.  Chunk, 29%.


9.  Orifice, 28%.


10.  Coagulate, 26%.


11.  Ointment, 25%.


12.  Crevice, 18%


Q: According to a new study, 25% of people have secretly done this to a friend, significant other or family member.  What is it?

A: Gone into their friend, significant other, or family member’s Facebook account and they did it on that person’s computer or phone.


Q: Close to 1/3 of people going in for a job interview say they got the job because of this.  What is it?

A: A lucky pair of underwear!


Q: A new survey finds that close to 70% of Americans said that they regularly get mad about THIS! What is it?


A: Technology


Close to 70% deal with “tech rage” regularly.  That’s where you become FURIOUS at a piece of technology that won’t work right.


The average American gets frustrated by technology twice a day . . . and just under 41 THOUSAND times over the course of their life. 


Q: A scientist in Tokyo just finished up a study that says doing this in the Morning instead of later in the day makes you smarter! What is it?

A: Eating ICE CREAM for breakfast


For the study he had one group of people eat ice cream right after they woke up and one group of people who just ate a normal breakfast . . . and then they both did the same series of mental exercises on a computer.


 And he found the people who ate ice cream had faster reaction times and processed information better.  When he monitored their brain waves, he also found they were more alert and calmer.


 Now, you might be thinking:  Well, the COLDNESS of ice cream just gave them a jolt and made them more alert.  But the GENIUS who ran this study thought of that, so he also ran the tests where people chugged cold water first.


 And he found they did NOT do as well as the people who ate the ice cream.  So there’s something specifically related to ice cream that makes you smarter.


 What is it?  He’s still not sure.  His top two theories are that there’s some ingredient in ice cream that helps your brain . . . or that eating ice cream makes you HAPPY, which boosts your mental energy. 


Q: A new survey found the top ways moms save time to make things go smoother in the morning.  #1 was wake up earlier than they want to. What is the #2 way Moms save time to make things go smoother in the morning?


A:  They don’t bother to make their own bed.


3.  Rush through their hair or makeup.


4.  Take short showers.


5.  Wear their pajamas when they drive their kids to school.


6.  Don’t spend any time looking in the mirror.


7.  Put on their makeup in the car. 


Q: A new survey found the most common mistakes we make at work when we’re tired.  #1 is: Emailing the wrong person. What is the #2 most common mistake we make at work when we’re tired?


A: Zoning out during a meeting.


3.  Calling someone the wrong name.


4.  Making a mistake in an important document.


5.  Making spelling mistakes in emails.


6.  Forgetting an important meeting.


7.  Falling asleep in a meeting.


8.  Missing a deadline.


9.  Sending the wrong quote for a job.