Q: According to a new survey, over 75% (77%) of Americans say that they would like to do this…. but, 45% of probably never will…..What is it?


A: Travel


77% of Americans say they have a travel bucket list, according to a new survey.  But . . . only 3% of people have completed it.  And 45% are pretty sure they’re never going to cross off a SINGLE place on their list. 


So what keeps us from traveling?


 85% of people say it’s the cost . . . 21% say they dream big but don’t follow through . . . 19% don’t have anyone to travel with . . . and 17% have SO many places they want to go, they get overwhelmed and don’t go anywhere. 


Q: According to a new study…. The most-COMMON thing that makes us take our eyes off the road is: Handing something to someone in the passenger seat. What is the #2 most common thing that makes us take our eyes off the road?


A: Singing along to the radio at the top of your lungs.


3.  Tossing something in the back seat.


4.  Handing something to someone in the back seat.  Kids are a big culprit there.


5.  Eating while driving.


6.  Answering a phone call.


7.  MAKING a phone call.


8.  Struggling to take off your coat or sweater.


9.  Checking your hair or make-up in the mirror.


10.  Checking your GPS.  Somehow, texting was way down in 13th place.  And checking social media was 18th. 


Q: According to a new survey, close to 75% of Americans say they have a sophisticated palate, and the average age they developed it was 31.


The top signs you’re a foodie is that you try lots of new foods. What’s the #2 sign that you are a foodie?


A: Being interested in where food comes from.


3.  Being able to cook a quality meal.


4.  Knowing what foods are in season.


5.  Knowing how to pair meats and cheeses with wine and beer.


6.  Always having a cool restaurant you want to try.


7.  Being able to pronounce tough food names.


8.  Eating healthy.


9.  Traveling to a country to try the food. 


Q: According to a new study… Even though they are used for the same thing… Women’s are 48% smaller than men’s…. What is it?


A: Pants Pockets


Some scientists actually ran a study to figure out if the pockets on women’s pants are compatible with modern smartphones . . . and the answer is NO.


The study analyzed 80 brands of women’s jeans and 80 brands of men’s, and they found women’s pockets are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than men’s.


That means an iPhone X can only fit into about 40% of women’s front pockets.  A Samsung Galaxy can only fit into 20%.  (They didn’t specify whether the Galaxy phone was from the S or Note line.)  For the Google Pixel, it’s 5%.


Men have it much easier.  The iPhone X fit into 100% of the jeans in the test, the Samsung was at 95%, and the Pixel was at 85%.


And the answer isn’t, “Well, men are just bigger.”  For the study, all of the women’s AND men’s jeans had a waist size of 32.  So even though the jeans were all for people with the same size waist, men’s pockets were just bigger. 


Q: ACCORDING TO A NEW SURVEY…. 35% of people think that this, fairly recent trend, is unnecessary when it comes to having kids. What is it?

A: Gender reveal parties.

35% of people say they’re unnecessary . . . 30% say trendy . . . 27% say self-indulgent . . . and only 25% say they’re fun.

The survey also found that about two-thirds of people say they would want to know their baby’s gender before it’s born.


Q: According to a new survey (that was commissioned by GoDaddy) 1 in 5 millennials say they’ve vetoed a baby name because of THIS…. What is it?


A: The domain name wasn’t available.


Like, they wanted to name their kid Caden Axl, but someone already scooped up CadenAxl.com, so they had to readjust.  Let’s see, is BraydenHuck.com taken?  What about JadenAtticus?  LaydenMilo?  SpraydenBeckett?  Millennial parenting is hard.


So what do they think that domain name will be good for?


45% think their kid will use it for college applications . . . 48% think their kid will use it one day when they’re job searching . . . and 35% think their kid will want it for a personal website.  


Q: A new survey asked: Would you turn in a friend or family member if you found out they committed a serious crime?  The top reasons someone would turn in a friend or family member are Murder and Dealing Hard Drugs. What’s the next reason on the list?


A: Animal Cruelty


 1.  Murder.  87% said they’d turn in a friend or family member for it.  7% said they weren’t sure . . . 3% refused to answer . . . and 3% said they WOULDN’T turn them in.


2.  Dealing hard drugs, like heroin.  74% would turn them in.


3.  Animal cruelty, 71%.


4.  Assault, 68%.


5.  Illegal firearms, 64%.


6.  Drunk driving, 53%.


7.  Scamming the government out of benefits, 45%.


8.  Dealing pot, 44%.


9.  Tax evasion, 35%.


10.  Shoplifting, 33%. 


Q: Close to 50% of hiring managers say that you’re less likely to land an interview if you DON’T do this! What is it?


A: Don’t have a social media presence


47% of hiring managers said you’re less likely to land an interview if they can’t find you online.  But thinning out your posts might be a good idea.  12% said they’ve rejected someone simply because they posted too much and seemed OBSESSED with social media.


34% of companies have either fired or disciplined an employee over something they posted on social media.  And it’s even more common when it comes to HIRING people.


 70% of human resource managers said checking people’s social media is part of their hiring process.  And 57% have rejected someone because of something they found.  Here are the top five things they find that can ruin your chances at landing a job . . .


1.  Inappropriate photos or videos.  40% have ruled someone out because of it.

2.  Posts about drinking or using drugs, 36%.

3.  Bigoted comments about race, gender, or religion, 31%.

4.  Something besides drugs that suggests criminal behavior, 30%.

5.  Something that shows you lied about your qualifications, 27%.


Q: A new survey (by Realtor.com) reveals that 75% of pet owners say that their pet is the determining factor in THIS…. what is it?


A: Buying their dream home


75% of pet owners say that they would forgo buying their dream house if it wasn’t right for their pet.


Q: According to a new survey, almost 25% of people say that is they could stay married BUT do THIS…. they would. What is it?


A: If they could stay with your husband or wife but DIVORCE their parents and get them out of your life for good, 22% said that they DEFINITELY would.


The survey also found that more than half of people say their in-laws have caused relationship problems. 


The top three reasons are:  They give unwanted opinions . . . your significant other takes their parents’ side . . . and you have arguments with them over how to discipline your kids.


And finally, almost one out of 10 people say they’ve ENDED a relationship because of the other person’s parents.