Q:    According to a new survey, the average person sees about 3 photos of other people on social media every single day that makes them do THIS. What is it?


A: Think about vacation




The average person spends 284 days of their life dreaming about being on vacation.


 That’s based on 113 hours a year for 60 years . . . or about 18 or 19 minutes every day.


Q:    According to a new survey (at Delish.com) 40% of people say that they do this the same way every single day. What is it?


A: Eat the same thing for breakfast


The website Delish.com did a survey about our breakfast-eating habits.


Do you eat breakfast first thing, or wait an hour or two?  63% said they usually wait a while.  The other 37% said they can’t function until they’ve eaten breakfast.


Do you prefer a sweet breakfast like pancakes, or something savory like bacon and eggs?  62% went with savory, 38% chose sweet.


Do you pretty much ALWAYS try to eat a healthy breakfast?  43% claimed they do.  57% said sometimes, but they’re not religious about it.


Do you love cereal, or hate it?  69% said they love it.  31% said they hate it.  No room for people who just LIKE cereal, I guess.


Do you tend to skip breakfast a lot of the time?  40% said they do.  60% said they hardly ever skip breakfast.


Have you ever had pizza for breakfast?  64% said yes.  36% CLAIM they never have.  But I’m not sure I believe all those people. 


Q:    A new survey found about 75% of us DO have at least one hobby we take part in regularly.  25% couldn’t think of any hobbies they pursue.  The study also looked at hobbies that USED to be popular.  What is the #1 hobby that has died out?


A: Being interested in trains, or building model train sets.


2.  Quilting and embroidery.


3.  Astrology, where you’re truly into the zodiac and pay attention to it.


4.  Scrapbooking.  If anything, people use apps and do it virtually now.


5.  Home brewing.  That one’s a little surprising, because there was a pretty big home-brewing boom a while back.  But there are so many craft beers now, who has the time?


6.  Squash and racquetball.


7.  Fixing up an old car.  Maybe because no one knows how to anymore?


8.  Astronomy.  Meaning you own a telescope and actually use it on a regular basis.


9.  Woodworking.


10.  Toy collecting.  The whole Beanie Babies fad was 20 years ago.


Q: According to a new survey on Fatherhood—- 70% of Dad’s believe it’s harder to be a dad because of THIS… 25% believe it’s easier. What is it?

A: Technology

Seven in 10 Dad’s say that it’s tougher being a dad because of the learning curve created by developments in technology which are a struggle to keep up with.
However of the one quarter of dads pointed to technology playing an active part in assisting fathers because they can work from home or use the internet to connect with other parents to help answer their questions.
The study of 1,200 fathers also found eight in 10 agreed there are far more skills ‘modern dads’ have to master now than their own fathers had to.
Just under two thirds said the cost of living, toys and hobbies means there is more pressure on fathers, and more than half believed society demands more from dads to be actively involved in their children’s upbringing.


Q:    According to a new study over 40% of people don’t know THIS about driving a car. What is it?


A: Where the engine is on their car


Researchers showed people different photos of car parts.  And 41% couldn’t identify which part was the ENGINE. 

 A new survey found 68% of cars currently have at least one thing wrong with them.  And when people were asked whether they could handle relatively simple fixes . . . like changing a tire . . . the answer for most was a resounding NOPE.


Here are six fixes, and how many of us feel “extremely confident” we could do them . . .

1.  Could you add windshield washer fluid to your car?  30% aren’t sure they could.

2.  Could you replace your windshield wipers?  52% don’t know if they could handle it.

3.  Could you jump start your car if the battery died?  53% don’t know if they could.

4.  Could you put a spare tire on?  61% aren’t sure.  One in five don’t even know how to use a gauge to check the tire pressure.

5.  Could you replace a blown fuse?  63% aren’t sure they could do it.

6.  Could you change your own oil?  67% said no.



Q:    According to a new survey, the average home needs NINE different repairs right now.  And a third of people have been putting off at least one of them for over a year at this point.  The #1 home project we’re most likely to put off is Painting. What is #2?


A: Remodeling the bathroom.


3.  Installing new carpet.

4.  Landscaping projects.

5.  Remodeling the kitchen.

6.  Fixing the drywall.

7.  Fixing or replacing a door.

8.  Fixing or replacing a window.

9.  Floor repairs.

10.  Roof repairs. 


Q:    A new survey asked people to name the signs that someone has their life together.  #1 was Owning a home, 50% say that’s a sign. What was the #2 sign that someone has their life together?


A: Following through on plans, 43%.


3.  Keeping up a regular exercise routine, 38%.


4.  Having a high-paying job, 38%.


5.  Married, 37%.


6.  Eating healthy, 37%.


7.  Owning a car, 33%.


8.  Wearing nice clothes, 33%.


9.  Keeping eye contact during conversations, 31%.


10.  Smelling good, 27%. 


Q:    According to a new survey, the average person doesn’t think they’re grown up until age 33.  The #1 sign that you’re NOT grown up and you’re still an “adult child” is Binge watching an entire season of a TV show in a weekend. What was #2?


A: Getting a tattoo.


3.  Being in group text chats with your friends.

4.  Using Snapchat’s selfie filters.

5.  Buying a pair of limited edition sneakers.

6.  Listening to pop music.

7.  Voting for someone on a reality singing show.

8.  Going to a music festival.

9.  Regularly raiding your cupboards for cookies.

10.  Using a “funny” phone case.


Some things that just missed the top 10 are:  Waiting in line for a new iPhone . . . chugging beer . . . using a selfie stick . . . dumping someone because you’re not ready for anything serious . . . and dying your hair crazy colors. 



Q:    According to a new study, compared to when you were a kid… it is really hard to do this as an adult. What is it?


A: Make a new Best friend


Only 11% of people say they met their best friend after they were done with school. 


Today is National Best Friends’ Day.  Here are some stats from a new survey in honor of the holiday . . .


– Only 15% of people say they don’t have a best friend.  46% have one, and 39% have more than one.


– 24% met their best friend in elementary school . . . 18% in middle school . . . 24% in high school . . . and 16% in college.  Oh, and 8% met theirs in PRESCHOOL.


– If you had to pick which family member is your best friend, 43% say it’d be their significant other . . . 19% say their dog . . . 19% say their mom . . . 14% pick a sibling . . . 11% say their dad . . . and 9% say their cat.


– And finally, 22% of people have owned one of those “Best Friends” necklaces with two halves of a heart . . . and 16% have made a friendship bracelet. 


Q:    According to a new study (in Europe) people who do THIS use less sick days at work than people who don’t. What is it?


A: Drink alcohol….. in moderation


Researchers in Europe polled about 50,000 people to find out how much they drank, and how many times they’d called in sick over the past five years or so.  And they found that moderate drinkers use the LEAST amount of sick days.


 It’s not clear why.  Part of it might have to do with the fact that people with chronic illnesses are more likely to be non-drinkers.  So they end up using more sick days in general.  And just to be clear, we’re only talking about MODERATE drinking.  The study found heavy drinkers miss a lot of work too.