Q:   In a recent survey of things that people should know how to do. . . 43% of people say that they CAN’T do this! What is it?


A: Change a baby’s diaper


57% of people CAN


Q: According to a new survey, close to 50% of people who do THIS at work don’t tell their significant other about it. What is it?

A: Eat junk food

And 21% take it further and lie about what they ate during the work day.


Q:    According to a new study, THIS is the number one thing that’ll make you have a good life. What is it?




The researchers found that getting good sleep is actually the number one factor in living a good life.  It’s THIS significant:  If you started sleeping more, it would have the same effect on your happiness as QUADRUPLING your income.


 And being happy with your sex life is the number two factor.  People with the highest wellbeing scores are at least twice as likely as other people to be satisfied with their sex life.


 Other things that can make you happier than more money are job security . . . your close relatives being healthy . . . and feeling like you’re a connected part of a community. 


Q:    According to a new survey of grandparents, 1 in 5 say THIS about their Grand Kids. What is it?


A: That they HATE their grandchild’s name.


1.  32% say it’s too odd.


2.  20% don’t like that their name suggestions were ignored.


3.  15% think it sounds made up or is too unconventional.


4.  11% think it will embarrass the child.


5.  10% wish the kid had gotten a family name instead.


6.  And 5% think it’s too hard to pronounce.


 The survey also found that grandmothers had more issues with baby names than grandfathers.  44% of parents say their own mother had the worst reaction to the name they picked for their baby . . . and 42% say it was their mother-in-law. 


Q:    A new study (out of Southern Methodist University in Texas and Florida State University) found that relationships are more successful when THIS can be said about the guy and the girl. What is it?


A: If it’s an attractive woman paired up with a less attractive guy.


The researchers found BOTH people are happier that way.


 The women are happier because the uglier guys are more likely than good-looking guys to give gifts, do extra housework, and really give their full effort in the bedroom.


 And the men are happier because, you know, they’ve got a hot wife.


 The researchers found that when things were the other way around, and there was a husband who was more attractive than his wife, it led to big problems . . . especially for the women.


 Those guys were less likely to do them favors, give them gifts . . . AND make them insecure to the point where they were more likely to obsess over exercising and dieting. 


Q:    A new study by the (dating app Hinge) found that people are less likely to date someone who did this! What is it?


A: Went to their rival college.

(Like, if someone who went to Ohio State sees someone on the app who went to Michigan, they’ll probably reject them)


On the flip side, we’re twice as likely to date someone who went to our school.


The study also found that people really ARE curious about your educational background . . . and you’re 16% more likely to match with someone on a dating app if you list where you went to school. 


Q:    According to a new survey by Buzzfeed contrary to what we are led to believe…only close to 35% of people say they LOVE this…. And just over 25% of people actually HATE it! What is it?


A: Pumpkin spice lattes.


Only 34% of people say they LOVE pumpkin spice lattes.  40% are basically indifferent toward them, and 26% hate them.


Here are more of the results about fall foods . . .


1.  Hot chocolate . . . 89% love it, 2% hate it.

2.  Apple cider . . . 58% love it, 13% hate it.

3.  Pumpkin pie . . . 53% love it, 16% hate it.

4.  Caramel apples . . . 49% love them, 12% hate them.

5.  Butternut squash . . . 35% love it, 30% hate it.  Yes, it’s slightly MORE beloved than pumpkin spice lattes.

6.  Candy corn . . . 31% love it, 29% hate it.

7.  Pumpkin soup . . . 21% love it, 36% hate it.