Q:   According to a new survey, it’s also been nine years since the average person has done THIS! What is it?


A: Went biking


One out of eight adults say that they can’t ride a bicycle.  That includes people who never learned . . . and people who haven’t ridden one for so long, they’re pretty sure they forgot how.


Q:  A new study found thinking of this makes us more happy than quite a few other things (including money & puppies). What is it?

A: Ice Cream


Q:  A new survey asked people if they could do some basic home tasks. Close to one-third of people can’t do this in the kitchen. What is it?


Cook one full meal without a recipe . . . 69% can, 31% can’t.


Q:  According to a new survey, more than a third of kids say they’ve asked their parents to stop doing THIS at home. What is it?


A: Stop looking at their phones and checking social media during family time.


And about one out of seven kids say their parents text, make calls, or use social media during dinner.


 Now . . . even with all that being true, it’s not like it’s ONLY parents staring at their phones.  The survey also found some kids spend TEN HOURS a day on their electronic devices during weekends. 


Q:  According to a new study (out of the University of Iowa), your kid shouldn’t do THIS until they’re FOURTEEN. What is it?


A: Cross the street alone


The researchers say until they get that old, they don’t QUITE have the motor skills or visual judgment skills to cross a street perfectly safely.  Yeah, even 12- and 13-year-olds can have a little bit of trouble judging car speeds. 


Q:  According to a new survey, when it comes to their sleep habits…people who do THIS are more likely to feel miserable, tired, and grumpy in the morning. What is it?


A: People who get off the bed on the right side are more likely to feel miserable, tired, and grumpy in the morning than people who get out of bed on the left side.


People who get out on the left side feel like they’re awake an average of six minutes earlier . . . and their mood picks up an average of 15 minutes earlier.  They’re also 7% less likely to have someone at work comment on how tired they look.


 The survey didn’t offer up any reason WHY people who wake up on the left side of the bed are happier, so it’s entirely possible this is a coincidence.


But we’ll offer up a theory.  People who sleep on the right side of their bodies are more likely to have heartburn and acid reflux, because it opens up the path between your stomach and esophagus which can throw off your stomach acid levels.


 So if you sleep on the right side of the bed, you might be more likely to sleep on your right SIDE . . . so that you’re not facing into the middle.  And that could cause minor stomach issues that make you sleep worse. 


Q:  A new survey looked at people in successful relationships who met through online dating, it found that over ¾ of them did not follow this common dating practice. What is it?

A: They ignored the “two-day rule” or “three-day rule.”

56% talked or texted right after the date, and 77% planned their second date within 24 hours


Q:  A new survey (by Buzzfeed) asked people to rank whether these things are cool or not.  When it comes to music…. Over 45% of people say that THIS is NOT cool! What is it?


A: Being into obscure music . . . 46% cool……………21% not.


1.  Piercings . . . 73% cool, 10% not.


2.  Tattoos . . . 69% cool, 11% not.


3.  Beards . . . 57% cool, 18% not.


4.  Being into nerd culture . . . 54% cool, 19% not.


5.  Being really into sports . . . 52% cool, 17% not.


6.  Smoking weed . . . 29% cool, 43% not.


7.  Having lots of Instagram followers . . . 25% cool, 33% not.


8.  Smoking cigarettes . . . 6% cool, 86% not.


9.  Vaping . . . 5% cool, 83% not


Q:  According to a new survey, people say the number one sign that someone’s really into you is


A: If they take care of you when you’re sick.


Here are all five of the top signs you’re dating someone who’s getting serious . . .

1.  They take care of you when you’re sick.

2.  They take you to a family event or want to go to one of yours.

3.  They talk about you with their friends.

4.  Going on a vacation together.

5.  Telling their parents about you.


Q:  A recent survey of 2,000 single women found 75% DON’T WANT A MAN TO DO THIS FOR THEM. What is it?

A: Pick out the engagement ring

The ideal amount of time to date before you propose is just over two years . . . and 25% would say NO to a proposal if it wasn’t good enough.