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Q:  According to a new survey, 70% of people say they wish they lived somewhere else. The survey also found the top elements of a “dream” neighborhood.  What’s #1 on the list?

A: Grocery stores

Next on the list-  2- parks . . . good schools . . . good restaurants . . . fast casual restaurants . . . a farmer’s market . . . a library . . . big box stores . . . bike lanes and paths . . . and public transportation.

Like we said- 70% of people say they wish they lived somewhere else.   So where do we want to move?  55% of people want to stay in the general area, but move to a different town or a different part of their current town.

27% want to move to a different part of the state or a neighboring state.  And only 18% want to move further away, either to a state that’s far away or to a whole different country.

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Q:  According to a new survey (by Applegate) 1/3 of people try to keep THIS secret in their shopping cart. What is it?

A: Hotdogs

National Hot Dog day

– 84% of people agree that most hot dogs are not healthy

– 95% of people say that grilled hot dogs are delicious

– 79% of people actually want to know what’s in hot dogs

– Over 5 million hot dogs are eaten between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Mustard is the number one condiment

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Q:  A new survey (by SWNS Digital) reveals that 60% of adults don’t always act their age. Some of the top “Kid Activities” that adults do include – Playing a Board Game and watching cartoons…. What’s next on the list of Top Kid’s activities that adults do?

A: Popping bubble wrap

4. Watching Disney movies
5. Listening to music turned up loud
6. Watching a children’s TV show
7. Playing crazy golf
8. Coloring in a picture
9. Playing with Lego
10. Going down a slide

– 40% of adults would rather play mini golf than go clubbing

– 40% of adults spend time building Lego sets

– 25% of adults read comic books

– 20% of adults act like a kid because it reduces daily stress

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Q:  The stresses, strains and achievements of modern life leave the typical adult feeling the need to treat themselves up to three times a week. The top reasons for choosing a pick-me-up- Being on vacation and Birthdays… What’s the next top reason TO TREAT YOURSELF:

A: Feeling sad

4. Feeling unwell

5. Because I haven’t treated myself for ages
6. Working really hard lately
7. Completing a goal
8. When the suns out
9. Feeling tired
10. Working hard in the garden

Researchers found nearly three quarters of the nation feel treating themselves every now and again is ‘important’ to their overall well-being. 

Most have a pick-me-up between two and three times a week although 15 percent said five times a week or more.

A further one in 10 said they never allow themselves anything special.

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Q:  According to a new poll on families we will switch our minds on THIS twice in our life…. What is it?

A: Which of our parents we like more!!!

Apparently more than half of us DO favor one parent over the other.

Around 40% said they like their mom more than their dad.  Only 14% said Dad’s their favorite. 

This part’s also interesting:  The survey found a lot of us switch allegiances.  And not just once, but TWICE in our life.

 We start out liking Mom more.  Then a third of us go over to Dad’s side by age 13.  But that only lasts a few years, and a third switch back to Mom by age 20.

Also, 21% of men in the poll described themselves as a “mama’s boy” . . . 22% of women said they’re a “daddy’s girl.”

And 13% of parents admit they’re jealous, because they know they’re not the favorite. 

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Q:  A new survey (by Match.com) reveals that almost 80% of women want to feel comfortable on a first date. Other findings: Top first date turn-ons…include being complimented and the man paying the bill.. what’s next on the list of Top First Date Turn-ons?

A: Hugging and a kiss on the a cheek while saying hello

Top first date turn-offs … man checking his phone, man being more than 15 minutes late, man excessively drinking, man being rude to restaurant staffers and man ordering food for the the table

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Q:  A new survey by (Superdrug Online Doctor) reveals that almost 45% of men and just over 35% of women have done THIS when it comes to past relationships and new relationships. What is it?

A: Recycled a pet name for a new partner from a previous relationship

Couples, who have pet names for one another are 16% happier than those who don’t. Other findings:

– 90% of people who call their partner ‘beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘baby’ or ‘cutie’ are happier in their relationship than people, who don’t use those pet names.

– 87% of people have a pet name for their partner

– most hated pet names
papi 73%
daddy 72%
sweet cheeks 66%
muffin 61%
cutie pie by 57%
sweet pea 56%
princess 54%
sweetie pie 54%
sugar 50%
hun 41%
baby 41%
cutie 37%
babe 35%
sweetie 27%
honey 24%

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Q:  Researchers asked 1,600 women what inner beauty The top signs you’re beautiful on the inside . . .You’re kind and treat people well… and You’re honest. What’s the next sign that you are beautiful on the inside?

A: People feel comfortable around you.

4.  You’re happy in general.

5.  You can laugh at yourself.

6.  You’re happy being yourself around other people.

7.  You stand up for other people.

8.  You don’t judge people just because they’re different.

9.  You know when someone needs a shoulder to cry on.

10.  You can admit when you’re wrong, or made a mistake.

A few more that just missed the top ten are caring about the environment . . . being optimistic . . . and actively encouraging others to pursue their dreams.