Q:  A new survey by the dating site Zoosk.com reveals that saying that you are THIS on your dating profile will get you 62% more messages. What is it?

A: Saying that you are a “Vegan”

 – Using the word ‘Pilates’ in your dating profile boosts your number of matches by up to 160%.

– 11% of Millennials pretend to like exercising in order to impress others.

– 65% of online daters say dating someone who exercises is important


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Q:  According to a new survey, people say that THIS helps them get through almost five stressful events each week. What is it?


A: Their Dog


Even MAJOR things, like breakups or a death in the family. 


It also finds that 51% of people say that they’ve skipped a social event to spend more time with their dog.


Q:  According to a new survey on Workplace Etiquette- over 55% of people say that it is ok to do THIS at your desk… the other almost 45% say “No!”… What is it?


A” Take your shows off at your desk


Other results- Is it okay to eat really smelly food at your desk, like tuna?  63% say no.  37% say it’s your lunch, so eat whatever you want, and they’ll deal with the smell.


How about clipping your nails at your desk?  93% say no.  7% say go for it.  They’re probably assuming FINGERNAILS though, not toenails.  100% shouldn’t do that.


Q:  According to a new study (from Georgia State University), people who do THIS consume almost 45% more calories than people who don’t. What is it?


A: People who dine with other people consume 44% more food than when they eat alone, mainly because they spend more time at the table. A related study, published in the journal Appetite, revealed that women tend to mirror the eating patterns of their same-sex dining friends.


Q:  According to a new survey, 40% of people have never done THIS! What is it?


A: Left the Country


54% have visited less than 10 states.


13% have never been in an airplane.


And 11% have NEVER left their home state.


 The survey also found that 76% of people wish they could travel more . . . but 10% are perfectly fine never going anywhere. 


Q:  According to a new survey men do THIS more before they get it right than women. What is it?


A: Take a selfie


Close to 60% of men take between two and five before they get one worthy of posting. Only 48% of women need that many tries.


The survey also found half of people take more than three minutes taking pictures and then touching them up and adding filters before they post them. 


Q:  A new survey (by Careerbuilder) reveals that about 50% of bosses know if a job candidate is a good fit or not within the first five minutes of their interview. The #1 interview mistake is: Failing to make eye contact: 65%. What is the #2 interview mistake people make?

A: Failing to smile: 36%

Playing with something on the table: 33%

Having bad posture: 30%

Fidgeting too much in their seat: 29%

Crossing their arms over their chest: 26%

Playing with their hair or touching their face: 25%

Having a weak handshake: 22%

Using too many hand gestures: 11%

Having a handshake that is too strong: 7%


Q:  A recent survey found the Top 10 Tinder Turn-Offs For Men. #1 was ‘Duck faces’ and people who use Snapchat filters (That’s two totally different things?!?!?)…. What was the #2 Tinder turn-off for men?

A: Taking pix with exotic animals while on vacation

3. posting music lyrics instead of a bio

4. dumb phrases like ‘I like going out… but also staying in’

5. incorrect spelling and grammar

6. claiming you attended the ‘University of Life’

7. posting the phrase ‘I love life’

8. Having voted Leave

9. Being a vegan

10. Women who say they are ‘fun-loving’


Q:  According to a new study (out of the University of British Columbia), when women are feeling anxious or stressed, they will immediately feel calmer if they do THIS! What is it?


A: Smell their significant other’s shirt.


The researchers found that when women smelled their partner’s shirt, they had a drop in their cortisol levels, which are connected to stress.  Women who didn’t smell a shirt had higher cortisol levels.


They didn’t test whether men would get the same benefits from smelling their partner’s clothes. 


Q: According to a new study, the key to staying motivated to keep a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or get in shape is to hear people say you look…..what?”

A: Super hot.”

Yes, specifically “super hot.” No other phrase will work.

Dr. Becky Spelman is a cognitive behavioral psychiatrist, and she ran the study. Here’s her explanation for why “super hot” works.

Quote, “Hearing, ‘You’re looking super hot today!’ resonates more than a straightforward, ‘You’re looking good.’ The words suggest that our friend is having a visceral, emotional response to our appearance.”

In other words, a person might say you’re looking good because they know you’re dieting . . . but if they say you’re super hot, it’s because that’s what popped into their head. So you interpret it as authentic and honest, and that’s more motivational.