Q:   According to a new survey, about 10% of people stopped using THIS last year. What is it?


A: Sold or got rid of their car last year


AND DIDN’T buy a replacement . . . and just plan on using Uber or Lyft to get around. 


The survey also found 39% of us used a ride service app last year, and of that group, about one in four use them several times a week. 


Q:   According to a new survey, over 60% (63%) of people say they do this every single day. (Hint: It’s not the ideal place to do it)


A: Eat in their car


The main thing people eat is their breakfast on the way to work.


 And that means our cars get pretty messy . . . but not messy enough for us to really do anything.  34% of people say they only clean their car out about four times a year, and 27% only do it before they go on a road trip. 


Q:   A new survey figured out what first date activity is the most and least likely to lead to a relationship.  According to this survey… what is the worst food to eat on a first date?


A: Pancakes


The best First Date Activity is: going out for BLOODY MARYS and FRIED CHICKEN. 


Second is having coffee and #3 is eating vegan food.


The survey also found the WORST thing to drink on a first date is tequila shots


Q:   According to a new survey, in 2012 close to 60% of companies would do this……… now it’s less than 30%. What is it?


A: Eased up on their dress code in the summer


And in 2012, 63% would let people leave a little early on Fridays in the summer . . . now it’s 20%. 


Q:   Doing this on a first date increases your chance of a second date by well 150% if the other person likes it. What is it?


A: Sushi


Q:   According to a new study, just over 75% of women under 24 do THIS.  Just four years ago, 95% of women did it. What is it?


A: Shave their ARMPITS


And the percentage of women who shave their legs has dropped from 92% in 2013 to 85% now.


 The main reason apparently ISN’T to send a message about society’s beauty standards, though.  A beauty industry expert says it’s a response to women realizing a lot of shaving and hair removal products are bad for their skin. 


Q:   According to a new study (from Researchers in Hungary) WOMEN are better at understanding THIS than men. (You MIGHT think it would be the opposite) What is it?


A: What Dogs are saying


The study found that all-around people have a remarkable ability to figure out what their dog’s different growls mean. 


 For the study, people listened to audio recordings of dogs growling and barking while they played . . . guarded their food . . . or faced a stranger who they thought was threatening.


 And people correctly identified what the dog was growling about 63% of the time . . . which is higher than the level of random chance.


 The researchers also found women were better at speaking dog than men. 


Q:   According to a new study (out of the University of Rochester in New York), despite a long-standing belief, wearing THIS doesn’t actually make you look sexier. What is it?


A: Wearing Red


They found that neither men nor women were more attracted to someone in red than any other colors.


 So why do people think red is better?  The researchers say some old studies have tried to make the link between red clothes and lookin’ good . . . but those studies weren’t scientifically accurate. 


Q:   Today is International Body Piercing Day. According to a recent survey (by Skinfo) almost one-third of of HR managers feel that piercings are bigger red flags than tattoos. They also say that THIS is a bigger red flag than tattoos. What is it?

A: Bad Breath

A survey published in Working World reveals that 60% of employers are less likely to hire a candidate with piercings

The dating site Gorgeous Networks asked men and women what turns them ‘on’ and ‘off’. 25% of men say facial piercings on a woman are a turn-off.

A survey by OfficeTeam reveals that 15% of managers think visible piercings are a dress code violation


Q:   A new study looked at the adjectives that people use in online dating . . . and the ones that get the best results.  The best one a woman can use in her profile is . . . “sexy.” What is the worst word for a woman to use to describe herself?


A: “Happy”


For men, the worst way to describe yourself is CURVY. 


Men also like women who describe themselves as honest, confident, affectionate, and intelligent.


 There’s some overlap there with what women are looking for . . . although women don’t care if you think you’re sexy or not.


 The top five adjectives that have the best results for men are honest, intelligent, confident, funny, and romantic.