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Q: A new survey asked 2,000 people: What are the most adventurous everyday foods you can find in grocery stores?… #1 was: Oysters…What came next on the list?

A: Calamari

3.  Anchovies

4.  Hot sauce.  Especially the REALLY hot stuff

5.  Blue cheese.

6.  Quinoa

7.  Tofu

8.  Eggplant

9.  Olives

10.  Avocado. 

(“Haggis” and “chili chocolate” also made the list.  But we left them off since they’re not very common in the U.S.)

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Q: A new survey asked people if they miss different things about being in an office, and the thing people miss the most is: Seeing work friends and coworkers.  66% miss it. What’s the next thing people miss about being in their office?

2.  Face-to-face meetings, 49%

3.  Office gossip, 38%

4.  Going out to lunch, 31%

5.  Sometimes leaving early, 26%

6.  Putting on “real” clothes, 15%

7.  Laughing at your boss’s jokes, 13%

8.  Office décor, 7%

9.  The smell of the office, 5%

10.  Setting an early alarm, 4%

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Q: Do you actually eat lunch on your lunch break?  A new survey found that only one in five people eay lunch on their lunch break most of the time.  Almost 80% said they usually eat WHILE they work instead, so their lunch break is free. 

The top thing we do at lunch instead of eating walking/exercise…..What next on the list of things that we do on our lunch break besides eating lunch?

A: Check social media

3.  Take care of general life tasks.  Like planning dinner or paying bills

4.  Read a book

5.  Catch up on the news

6.  Listen to music

7.  Play a game on your phone

8.  Make lunch, but then eat it while you get back to work

9.  Catch up with family and friends

10.  Online shopping

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Q: According to a new survey, just over 75% of people are now taking steps to try to get healthier, physically and mentally.  And the most common way is Eating better…. What is the next step people are taking to get healthier physically AND mentally?

A:  Drinking more water

3.  Getting more sleep, or at least consistent sleep

4.  Staying in touch with friends and family

5.  Finding a new exercise routine

6.  Learning to manage stress

7.  Finding a creative outlet

8.  Doing puzzles

9.  Taking online classes

10.  Doing online workshops

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Q:  A recent survey asked 2,000 people about the Top Ways  They Give Up Their Time To Help Others. The #1 answer was: Give money to charity… What was #2?

2. Shop for a neighbor

3. Raise money for charity
4. Donate to a food bank
5. Volunteer for a local charity
6. Spend time with the elderly 
7. Pick up garbage
8. Help out at a school
9. Create gift boxes for less fortunate people 
10. Volunteer for local groups 

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Q: A new survey found that just over 80% of millennial homeowners have tackled at least one home improvement project since March.  And half said it was because they just needed something to do. The top projects they’ve taken on . . .Painting and Landscaping. What’s next on the list of home improvement Millennials have tackled since March.

A:   Re-caulking in the kitchen or bathroom

1.  Painting a wall, room, or piece of furniture in your home.  A third of people who’ve done a project in the last six months said they’ve painted

2.  Improving your yard, or working on a landscaping project

3.  Re-caulking in the kitchen or bathroom

4.  Re-tiling the kitchen or bathroom

5.  Plumbing fixes

 The top projects we still HOPE to tackle this year include new lighting . . . bathroom and kitchen renovations . . . improving the patio . . . and replacing windows before it gets too cold. 

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Q: According to a new survey, when you throw a party, you have 20 minutes or less to impress someone or they’re going to leave.  So if you want to throw a good party that actually makes people want to STAY- The survey found the eight key elements of throwing a good party. What is the #1 thing you should do that makes people want to stay at your party?

A: Offer someone a drink in under eight minutes

2.  Talk to your guests within eight minutes of them getting there

3.  Offer someone a snack in less than 10 minutes

4.  Offer a drink refill within 20 minutes

5.  Don’t talk about politics or money

6.  Talk about TV shows, movies, or food

7.  Don’t ask people to take their shoes off

8.  And make sure the party will look good in Instagram photos

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Q:   A new survey found over 60% of Americans think it’s been harder to focus the last few months.  Partly because there’s so much going on, and because the days all run together.  The things we’re doing to stay sharp in quarantine are READING and EXERCISING…. What’s the next thing we are doing during these times to stay sharp?

A: Puzzles

4.  Watching documentaries

5.  Board games

6.  Taking a new vitamin or supplement

7.  Crossword puzzles

8.  Learning a new skill or hobby

9.  Sudoku

10.  Learning a new language

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Q:   A new survey found almost 85% of us take our gadgets along when camping now.  And just over 40% of people wouldn’t even go if they couldn’t take their phone.  What is the most common tech-related things we do while camping?

A: Use our phone to check the weather

2.  Googling stuff to do in the area

3.  Reading the news

4.  Posting photos on social media

5.  Using GPS when you go on hikes

6.  Streaming music on your phone or iPad

7.  Listening to the radio on your phone

8.  Playing video games

9.  Streaming movies to watch together

10.  Ordering food to your campsite.  The survey also found only 40% of kids today have cooked marshmallows over a fire

The top things that ANNOY us about camping include bad weather . . . the bathrooms . . . dealing with your tent . . . sleeping on the ground . . . and slow internet. 

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Q:   How old were you when you finally felt like a real adult?  According to a new survey of 2,000 people.  The average answer was 26 for men, and 23 for women. 

It also asked people to name the top SIGNS you’re an adult.  #1 was Having a Budget and #2 was Buying a House… What came next?

A: Doing your own taxes

4.  Working on your credit score

5.  Investing in a 401k

6-  Doing your own laundry

7- Regular doctor visits

8- Using a list at the grocery store

9- Cooking dinner most nights . . .

and a tie between watching the news, and changing your bed sheets regularly