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Q: According to a new survey (of 2,000 people by the home luxury brand Charisma).. People were asked “How would you like to spend your ‘ME’ Time”… The top answers were—Watching their favorite show or movie and reading a book or magazine… What came next on the list?

A: Taking a Bath

1.     Watching my favorite show(s) or movie                 50%
2.     Reading a book or magazine                                 40%
3.     Taking a bath                                                           37%
4.     Getting a massage                                                 34%
5.     Listening to a podcast                                             33%
6.     Taking a nap                                                           27%
7.     Exercise                                                                   27%
8.     Treat myself                                                             21%
9.     Do a hobby                                                             18%
10.  Take time to catch up with a friend                         18%

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Q: According to a new survey of 2,000 people of the Top Arguments Dog Owners have… #1 is Who has to walk them and #2 is who has to clean up their “mess”… What’s next on the list of Top Arguments Dog Owners Have:

A: One partner says the other gives the dog too many treats

1. Who has to walk them
2. Who has to go and clean up their mess in the garden/on walks
3. One partner says the other gives the dog too many treats
4. Arguments about muddy car seats or the house being muddy
5. One partner wants the other to join them on a dog walk and they don’t want to
6. Who has to get out of bed to let them out in the morning
7. The dog has taken your seat on the sofa or bed
8. If the dog should be allowed on the sofa
9. You disagree on training techniques
10. One partner accuses the other of playing too roughly with the dog

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Q: A new survey asked people: what technological leap changed your life the MOST the last decade and the #1 answer was . . . high-speed internet. What was #2?

 A: Online shopping

Online shopping ranked second in the poll, because people get everything on Amazon now.  And streaming services like Netflix ranked third.  Here are five more stats on how tech has changed our lives over the last decade . . .

The average broadband speed in 2010 was about four megabits a second . . . now it’s more like 100 in most areas.  And phones are WAY faster than they were back then.

1.  The top three ways high-speed internet has changed our lives are by allowing us to stream movies and shows . . . to play video games online . . . and to make video calls.

2.  Almost half of people say that in the last five years, their phone has become more useful than their computer.

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Q: Nearly one in four women say they wish their man had better table manners. According to a recent survey… What is the worst dining habit of all time?

A: Double-Dipping

2- Touching all of the food

3-Eating the best part of a dish before passing

4- The Presumptive Addition (Don’t salt or sauce the dish for everyone or salt your own food before you try it)

5- Chewing with your mouth open

6- Blowing your nose in a restaurant

  • 7- Talking on the cell phone at dinner

8- Being rude to the server

9-Taking Half of a cupcake from the company Birthday Party

A survey on the All-New WAXX Country Club: Your Thoughts on Double-Dipping

– 50% said”Only Among Family & Friends”

– 29% said “No! Never!”

– 14% said “Double-Dip away I say!”

– 7% say “Only when No One’s Looking”

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Q: According to a new survey, almost 1/3 of people say that they have stayed in a relationship longer than they should have because of THIS…. What is it?

A: The Pet……Almost ONE-THIRD of people say they’ve stayed in a relationship longer than they should have because they didn’t want to leave the other person’s pet. 

69% of people say that after a breakup where a pet was involved, they miss the pet as much as they miss their ex.

54% say they still occasionally continued to see the pet.

52% say they were worried “the pet would think I abandoned them.”

And 50% got JOINT CUSTODY of the pet.

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Q: According to a new survey, the average parent says that they “mess up” more than four times per week. They make a total of 221 mistakes per year . . . for a total of just under 4,000 screw ups before their kid finally turns 18.

According to this survey…what is the top way that parents feel that they mess up?

A: Letting the kids have too much screen time

Followed by: Accidentally swearing in front of them . . . and letting them watch something that’s totally inappropriate.

The survey also found that the age when kids are the toughest is SIX . . . and the youngest kid is the one who’s the most likely to cause trouble. 

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Q: According to a new survey that asked what Men & women want to get and receive for Valentine’s Day…The top thing Women want is chocolate… The #1 thing men want is “romantic times”… What’s the #2 thing Men want for Valentines Day?

A: A Card

The top things men want are “romantic times”. . . a card . . . chocolate . . . booze . . . and electronics.

The top five things women want are chocolate . . . a card . . . flowers . . . jewelry . . . and a massage or spa day.

The #1 gift women did say they plan to give is . . . chocolate.

 The #1 thing men said they plan to give this year is flowers.  Chocolate was a close second though. 

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Q: A new survey asked people what they can cook without a recipe. The Top four answers were all egg dishes- Over easy, Scrambled, Hard Boiled & Poached Eggs….. What came next on the most popular thing people can cook without a recipe?

 5.  French toast, 41%

1.  Eggs over easy.  49% of people said they could make it without a recipe.

2.  Scrambled eggs, 46%.  Which means the majority of us can’t make scrambled eggs.

3.  Hard boiled eggs, 44%.

4.  Poached eggs, 44%.  Yes, the first four really ARE just basic eggs.

5.  French toast, 41%.

6.  Soup, 36%.

7.  Grilled cheese, 36%.

8.  Pasta, 36%.

9.  Rice, 36%.

10.  Salad, 36%.

In 11th place?  Toast, with 34%.