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Q:    According to a new survey (by the American Kennel Club) almost 60% of men say that THIS is a 100% sure-fire way to attract a woman. What is it?

A: Use a Cute Puppy

Saturday is National Puppy Day

58% of men say having an adorable puppy is a 100% “fool-proof babe magnet.”

1 in 14 people has used his or her dog to attract a new mate. Other findings:

46% of women say they would stop to chat with a man, who was accompanied by a cute puppy

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Q:    A new survey asked 2,000 people what their “perfect day” would look like.  Wake up after a good night’s sleep.  That was the top thing people voted for.  The average person said they’d want to wake up at 8:00 A.M. after sleeping for nine hours.

What is the #2 thing on their “perfect day” list?

A: Plenty of laughter throughout the day.

3.  No work.

4.  Sit down for at least one really good meal.

5.  Be somewhere you can feel the sun on your face.

6.  Have good music to listen to.

7.  Have fresh sheets to get into at night.

8.  Spend some of the day outdoors.

9.  Find money.  Like on the ground, or in an old coat pocket.

10.  Have a clean house . . . without DOING the cleaning, I assume.

 22% of people also said they’d love to just hang out in their pajamas all day. 

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Q:    According to a new survey…. Contrary to what you MIGHT think… over 50% of managers think that THIS boosts productivity in the workplace… What is it?

A: Employees taking part in March Madness

A new survey found 52% of managers think March Madness actually makes people MORE productive.  And 72% say it has a positive effect on morale.

The survey also found 75% of companies organize sports-related activities during March Madness.  And the top ways are through friendly competitions, like brackets . . . by wearing team clothing . . . and by watching games with coworkers.

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Q:    According to a new survey… close to 80% of us like this about ourselves… What is it?

A: Our laugh

79% of us like our laugh.  But if we could choose a different one, 45% would want an “infectious” laugh . . . 33% would want a “sweet” laugh . . . 14% said a “goofy” laugh . . . 5% would want a “belly” laugh . . . and 3% would want an “annoying” laugh. 

Today is “National Let’s LAUGH Day.”  Here are a few stats from a new survey on our laughing habits . . .

77% of people think they’re funny. 

60% of Americans in relationships think they’re the “funny one.”  That includes 68% of men, and 54% of women.

 Only 33% of men and 29% of women said they laugh at least 10 times a day.

And the people who make us laugh the most are our friends, followed by our significant other . . . our kids . . . our siblings . . . and our parents. 

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Q:    A recent poll asked (2,000) business travelers about the worst parts of travelling for work… #1 was Being away from your family. What was the #2 worst thing about traveling for work?

A: Traveling to new places, but not having time to explore them.

3.  Living out of a suitcase. 

4.  All the wasted time you spend in transit. 

5.  Not getting to sleep in your own bed.

6.  It’s harder to eat healthy. 

7.  Working longer hours. 

8.  Missing out on events at home. 

9.  All of the hours you spend in stuffy offices and conference rooms.

10.  Jet lag. 

The survey also found the average business traveler loses out on 45 minutes of sleep a night, and only gets 5 hours and 13 minutes. 

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Q:    A recent survey found the average person complains three times a day.  And less than half of us think we could go a whole day without one complaint. 

The #1 thing we complain about is: Bad customer service. What is the #2 thing we complain about the most?

A: Telemarketers and robocalls.

3.  People who cut in line.

4.  Feeling cold.

5.  Packages or letters that don’t show up on time.

6.  Traffic.

7.  Trouble connecting to Wi-Fi.

8.  Litter, and people who litter.

9.  The weather.

10.  Feeling too hot. 

 A few more that just missed the top ten are loud neighbors . . . people being late . . . no parking spaces . . . people who stare at their phones . . . spam emails . . . a bad phone signal . . . and feeling hungry. 

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Q:   According to a recent survey (of 2,000 people), one in four of us have left a restaurant in the middle of a meal because the experience was so bad. What is the #1 thing that can ruin a dining experience?

A: A foul or unpleasant smell.

A lot of people said cleanliness was the main issue.  And 85% said it’s just as important as how good the food tastes.  Here are the top five things that can ruin a dining experience, according to the survey . . .

1.  A foul or unpleasant smell.

2.  Dirty or sticky floors.

3.  Dirty plates, glasses, or silverware.

4.  A sticky table.

5.  Slow service, or a rude waiter.

A few more that just missed the top five are too much noise . . . a dirty dining room or bathroom . . . your waiter’s appearance makes them seem unprofessional . . . and the dining area smells TOO clean, like air freshener or cleaning products.

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Q:   According to a new survey (by Norton) 60% of parents say that when it comes to their parenting skills they feel bad about THIS!…. What is it?

A: They feel bad about the amount of time they use their smartphone around their kids.

Other findings:

– 36% of kids have told their parents they spend too much time on their smartphone

– 73% of parents admit they spend too much time on their phone.