Q:   According to a new study (out of the University of Utah), the key to a successful relationship can be narrowed down to doing this one thing…. What is it?


A: helping with the dishes.


The researchers found that women do more of the chores around the house, especially the really soul-crushing ones like cleaning the toilets and doing the endless flow of laundry . . . but doing the dishes is the one chore that REALLY breaks their spirit.


So when her significant other pitches in and handles the dishes, it makes everything better.  Those couples are happier, their relationships are more stable, they argue less, and they even have better SEX.



Q:   According to a new survey, 67% of adults say they REALLY miss their childhood . . . and the average person says the best age was NINE. The things people miss the most from childhood are:  School vacations and The summers. What’s NEXT on the list of things people miss most from their childhood?


A: Playing outside with friends until it got too dark.


4.  Not having to work.


5.  Spending quality time with your parents.


6.  Family trips.


7.  Playgrounds.


8.  Having someone else cook your meals.


9.  Eating candy.


10.  Weekends with no errands or chores. 


Q:   According to a new survey…… over 25% of bosses (managers) say that you should NEVER do THIS at work. What is it?


A: cry at work, because it makes you look unprofessional or weak.


The survey also found 45% of us have CRIED at work before . . . either because of stress, or something else that was going on.


30% OF bosses said it’s fine, because it just shows you’re human.  And another 44% said it’s okay as long as it’s not a regular thing.


Q:   The lowest number in decades, a new survey reveals that only about 70% of high schoolers do THIS.  What is it?
A: Get their driver’s license!

A new survey by Wired Magazine says…15% of teens cite being able to communicate online as a reason for not getting a license before 18.  36% of teens say the main reason they’re not learning how to drive is its “overall cost.” State subsidies for high school driver’s ed classes are declining nationwide. Private driving courses average $350.



Q:   According to a new study, best Adult Beverage conversations happen on Friday nights after 3.3 beers, according to a new survey. The #1 thing we’re most likely to talk about is- Old Memories. What is the #2 thing we’re most likely to talk about at Adult Beverage Establishments?


A: Something completely random.


3.  TV shows.


4.  Funny stories.


5.  Gossip.


6.  The news.


7.  Movies.


8.  Music.


9.  Jokes.


10.  Sports. 



Q:   According to a new survey (by Triple A) the number of people doing THIS is up over 45% in the past 5 years… even though you would THINK it would be going down. What is it?


A: Talking on their phone without using a hands-free device while they were driving in the past month


Q:   According to a new study, doing THIS for 20 minutes makes you feel over 20% better . . . that’s better than doing yoga or walking your dog. What is it?


A: Going to concerts


And that boost is linked to a longer life.  Other studies have found that having a high level of wellbeing can increase your lifespan by nine years. 


Q:   According to new research (the University of Oslo in Norway studied more than 100,000 people) the secret to happiness is doing this… AND It’s especially true as you get older! What is it?


A: Use the Internet every day.


 It’s especially true as you get older . . . they found that people who went online every day got over their midlife crisis faster, felt more connected to the world and their friends, and felt like they had enough information to make better life decisions.


Now, obviously, this study basically contradicts a bunch of other studies . . . and conventional wisdom . . . that says the Internet and especially social media are really bumming us all out.


Why did these researchers find something different?  We’re not sure.


 Our best guess is they took a “bigger picture” look at the Internet . . . like, someone’s Facebook post may bum you out, but in general, not having the Internet at all would make your life significantly worse.


Q:   According to a new survey, the average person WANTS to do this EIGHT times a year…. But, only does it twice. What is it?


A: Go to a Concert……People want to hit eight concerts a year, but only go to two.


– People want to go to 12 live sports events a year, but only go to five.


 – People want to go to five comedy shows a year, but only go to one.



So to add that up, we WANT to go to 25 big events a year . . . but only make it to eight.


 Meanwhile, the survey found we want to watch 21 hours of TV a week, but we only manage to watch . . . 20.  Ha.  We’re doing just fine on our TV watching goals.  Everything else?  Not so much.