Q:   According to a new study (out of the Netherlands ((?!?!?)), THIS can be JUST as addictive as cigarettes or chocolate.  The researchers even found that just seeing this could set off, quote, “spontaneous pleasure cravings” in people’s brains. What is it?


A: FaceBook



And of course, like any addiction, overdoing it on Facebook can be bad for you . . . especially when your virtual social life keeps you from having a real one. 


Q:   A new survey out for Mother’s Day had people read over a list of phrases moms use all the time with their kids, and pick which ones THEIR mom used.  #1 was: “Because I said so.”  43% of people said their mom has used it. What was the #2 “Mom-ism?”


A: “Don’t worry.  Everything will be okay.”  40% of moms use that one.


79% of people said their mom used at least one of them.


3.  “You’ll always be my baby.”  35%.

4.  “I’m always here to listen,” 28%.

5.  “You’re stronger than you think you are,” 26%.


Two more that just missed the top five were, “This too shall pass” at 20% . . . and, “Oh, is THAT what you’re wearing?” at 17%.


Q:   A new survey (by Ironmongery Direct) says that close to 50% of people keep THIS a secret from their co-workers. What is it?

A: 47% of people keep their snacking habits at work a secret. 

21% of people have lied about eating healthy snacks


Q:   According to a new survey, when it comes to parenting Dad’s will use THIS as a way to keep the peace between the kids way more than Mom. What is it?


A: Use Ice Cream as a peace-keeping method

More than half of parents (54 percent) have used ice cream to resolve a conflict, but dads (77 percent) are more than twice as likely to do so than moms (30 percent)

  • Moms reward their children with ice cream more than dads – Moms (66 percent) are more likely than dads (58 percent) to treat their child to ice cream as a reward for doing something good
  • Ice cream is a great incentive – Two-thirds of parents use ice cream to incentivize their child to do something they don’t enjoy doing, but dads are 65 percent more likely than moms to use ice cream as an incentive for children to do their chores
  • Ice cream is children’s favorite treat – 62 percent of parents say ice cream is their child’s favorite treat, with chocolate as a distant second at 20 percent
  • Ice cream brings people together – 96 percent of parents say ice cream is a great treat to enjoy with friends and family, and 90 percent of parents have fond memories of their own parents treating them to ice cream as a child
  • Dads eat ice cream more frequently than moms – 72 percent of dads eat ice cream on a weekly basis, while only 54 percent of moms indulge in this sweet treat weekly
  • Ice cream as a quiet escape – Moms are five times more likely than dads to say they prefer to eat ice cream alone


Q:   Close to 30% (28%) of people know someone, who has done this on vacation. (Hint: It’s not a good thing) What is it?”


A: Left someone behind


Q:   According to a new survey, the top signs that you have REALLY become an adult are that you pay your own bills, have a full-time job & move out of your parents’ house. What is next on the list of the signs that you have REALLY become an adult?


A: You do your own laundry, 55%.


5.  Don’t get regular financial assistance from your parents or relatives, 54%.


6.  Cook for yourself more than twice a week, 39%.


7.  Do your own taxes, 38%.


8.  Contribute to an IRA or other retirement plan, 35%.


9.  Take your parents out to dinner and pay the bill, 30%.


10.  Get an annual check up, 29%.


A few things that didn’t make the top 10 are having children . . . hosting Thanksgiving . . . giving money to charity . . . flossing . . . and paying for Netflix.


Q:   40% think that getting old is the main reason we do this.  But millennials (a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century) are actually twice as likely to do this as baby boomers (a person born in the years following World War I). What is it?


A: Lose Stuff


The six things we misplace the most are the remote, our phone, our keys, our glasses, our shoes, and our wallet or purse.  Over 70% of us can’t find the remote at least once a month.


The three places we look FIRST are our purse or bag . . . the couch . . . and the pockets of whatever we wore the day before.


69% of us have found something ELSE that was missing while looking for a lost item. 


Q:   According to a recent survey… 1/4 of men would rather see their favorite football team lose than do this! (Hint: It has to do with another person) What is it?


A: Disappoint their mother.


Q:   According to a recent survey, 60% of American workers consider THIS to be the biggest myth in office life. What is it?


A: The one-hour lunch to be the biggest myth in office life.


The lunch hour has been shrinking in recent years. A recent survey shows 70% Americans either work straight through lunch or spend a mere five to ten minutes wolfing down their food.


Q:   According to a new survey (by Tinder and Grubhub), close to 1/3 of people “hate” doing this when out to eat on a date. What is it?

A: 31% of people HATE sharing their food on a date