Q:   A new survey asked people to name different occasions when they’re likely to celebrate with a drink . . . or several drinks.#1 is  your birthday. (83% of people say it’s a reason to celebrate with alcohol) What is the #2 occasion we are most likely to celebrate with a drink or drinks?


A: A friend’s engagement, 78%.


3.  Your wedding anniversary, 77%.


4.  When you finish a tough week at work, 65%.


5.  Getting a promotion, 62%.


6.  Earning a degree, 59%.


7.  Buying or renting a new home, 50%.


8.  Starting a new job, 43%.


9.  Finally paying off a loan, 35%.


10.  Hitting a fitness goal, 13%.  (Come on, everyone knows you celebrate that by eating a giant cake.)


The survey also found we put down the MOST drinks at bachelor or bachelorette parties, nights out with friends, and at wedding receptions.


Q:   Cora does… Alex doesn’t and according to a recent survey almost 90% of people are going to do this before the end of the year. What is it?




According to a new survey, 89% of people say they’re planning to mail out their annual holiday cards this year.


And they’re also planning on receiving a LOT.  Two-thirds of people say they receive MORE than 25 cards in the average year.  And about 10% of people usually get more than 100. 


Q:   According to a new survey, HALF of us feel burned out at our jobs right now.  And that’s true across every age bracket. What’s the #1 thing that’s making us feel “burned out” at work right now?


A: Unclear goals.  42% of people say it’s the top cause of stress at their job.


2.  The commute, 16%.


3.  A bad boss, 16%.


4.  Bad coworkers, 14%.


5.  Long hours, 12%. 


Q:   According to a recent study….. Almost 70% of homeowners in communities would welcome restrictions on THIS. What is it?


A: Leaf Blowers


More and more communities and HOAs are banning the noisy leaf blower, or restricting when it can be used…. 68% of homeowners in communities that don’t have leaf blower restrictions would welcome one.


Q:    A new study (out of the London Business School) found that people who can be described as THIS have a tougher time getting their first job. What is it?


A: Really good-looking people


The researchers say it’s because we subconsciously link good looks and ambition in our minds. So we wouldn’t want to hire a hot person for an entry-level job, because they look like they’d be high-maintenance.  And then, once you spend all that extra effort training them, they’ll quickly leave for a better job. In conclusion, feel sorry for the super attractive people of the world, because clearly they . . . I mean WE . . . have it really, really rough. 


Q:    A new study found the biggest FASHION TURN-OFFS for men and women across five different age groups. What do women in their 30’s hate the most on men?


A: “Music festival” clothing


Here’s what ELSE women HATE the most on men . . .


Teenagers:  New Balance shoes . . . Women in their 20s:  Fedoras . . . (Women in their 30s:  “Music festival” clothing) . . . Women in their 40s:  Skinny ties . . . and Women in their 50s:  Track pants or jogging pants.


 And here’s what men HATE the most on women . . .


 Teenagers:  Turtlenecks . . . Men in their 20s:  Henna tattoos . . . Men in their 30s:  The dog filter on Snapchat, which I guess counts as fashion? . . . Men in their 40s:  Leopard print . . . Men in their 50s:  Too much makeup. 


Q:    According to a new survey, what is the worst thing TO DO on a first date?


A: Go to a horror movie.


The survey also found that the other “worst thing to do” is talking about the weather


Q:    98% of people say that they do this at least once a week.  And 40% do it at least three times a week. What is it?


A: Eat a Sandwich


The five most popular types of sandwiches are . . .

1.  Subs.

2.  Grilled sandwiches.

3.  Deli sandwiches.

4.  Wraps.

5.  Club sandwiches.


The survey also found that 76% of us like to eat sandwiches for lunch . . . while 20% prefer to have them at dinner.  And 44% of us say we WON’T share even a single bite of a sandwich, not even with our significant other or our kid. 


Q:    According to a new survey, more than 80% of people say something bad has happened to them because they broke one of the laws of SUPERSTITION. The #1 superstition people are most likely to follow is:  Avoiding walking under a ladder. What is #2?


A:  Knocking on wood.


3.  Saying “bless you” when someone sneezes.

4.  Crossing your fingers.

5.  Picking up a penny on the ground for luck.

6.  Breaking a wishbone and making a wish.

7.  Throwing salt over your shoulder after you spill it.

8.  Not opening an umbrella inside.

9.  Not telling anyone your wish after you blow out birthday candles.

10.  Avoiding the number 13. 


Q:    According to a recent survey, what is the most-embarrassing thing dads do?

A: Telling bad jokes

2) Dressing with no style

3) Stinking up the bathroom

4) Dad dancing

The research of 2,000 adults was commissioned to launch Twirlywoos Dad Dancer of the Year


“Dad dancing” officially starts at age 37. Your dad’s dancing starts to embarrass you around age 13, and CONTINUES to embarrass you for the next 17 years.  Around age 30, you stop being embarrassed, and start to think it’s endearing. A third of people said their dad THINKS he’s a really good dancer.  But 37% have been embarrassed by their dad’s moves.  And 30% think he’s danced badly on PURPOSE, just to embarrass them.