Q:   According to a new study (out of Sweden) men who DO this LIVE LONGER than men who don’t. However, the same ISN’T true for women. What is it?


 A: date or marry someone younger


Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for women.  They found that when women marry men who are younger, it doesn’t help them live any longer.


 The researchers think the reason for the difference is that men thrive off the energy and support from a younger wife.


 But sadly, women are usually less reliant on getting support in a marriage, so a younger husband’s energy doesn’t really help them. 


Q:   A new study finds that people with more of these have the greatest degree of pain tolerance. What is it?


A: Close friends


Q:   A new study reveals that millennials are not ready for the “reality of life.” According to this study around 55% of prospective students do not know how to do THIS. What is it?

A: Pay a bill

– many young people believe that a “night out” is more expensive than paying rent


Q:   According to a new survey, about a quarter of people do THIS before they have company. And it’s just for show… What is it?


A: Buy a bunch of HEALTHY and TRENDY foods before people come over, so their fridge looks more respectable.


 And it might not be a bad idea, because more than half of people say they’ve judged someone by what’s in their fridge. 


Q:   According to a new survey, over 35% of young adults (people between 18 and 34) say that THIS is the best way to show their feelings. What is it?


A: Use emojis and GIFs


36% of people between 18 and 34 say that emojis and GIFs are BETTER for communicating their thoughts and feelings than English.


But it’s not like they’re alone.  About one in four people between 35 and 64 also say emojis work better than English . . . and so do about one in seven people over 65. 


Q:   According to a new study (out of the University of Texas) being in a room with THIS makes you dumber. What is it?


A: Your Smart Phone


The study found that when we’re just in the same ROOM as our smart phones, it instantly makes us dumber.  Yeah, your brain realizes it doesn’t need to work as hard thanks to your phone . . . so it doesn’t.


 And there’s another reason too.  The researchers say we’re so addicted to our phones that our brains have to burn a lot of energy just keeping us from picking up our phones to check the notifications. 


Q:   According to a new survey 56% of people say that doing THIS is better in the Winter than in the summer. What is it?


A: Eating. . . 44% summer, 56% winter.


1.  Getting drunk . . . 86% say it’s better in the summer, 14% say it’s better in winter.

2.  Driving . . . 83% say summer, 18% say winter.

3.  Vacations . . . 73% summer, 27% winter.

4.  Spending time outdoors . . . 65% summer, 35% winter.

5.  Showers . . . 59% summer, 41% winter.

6.  Exercising . . . 45% summer, 55% winter.

7.  Reading . . . 33% summer, 67% winter.

8.  Coffee . . . 31% summer, 69% winter.

9.  Sex . . . 24% summer, 76% winter. 


Q:   According to a new study, the more a couple does THIS together, the less likely they are to stay together. What is it?


A: The more selfies a couple takes


 The researchers say it’s because taking a ton of selfies is a sign that one or both of you is ANXIOUS and INSECURE about your relationship . . . so you’re overcompensating with photos to show the world that things are totally perfect.