Q: A new study found that people who do partake in this activity on a regular basis are more honest than people who don’t.  What is it?

A: Swearing/Using Profanity

A new study by Maastricht University in the Netherlands reveals that people, who use profanity, are more honest than those who don’t. Researchers studied 276 people to find out why and how they curse. Researchers then analyzed 70,000 Facebook profiles before concluding, ”We set out to provide an empirical answer to competing views regarding the relationship between profanity and honesty. We found that a higher rate of profanity use was associated with more honesty.”


Q: A new survey found our biggest fears about driving.  Almost 20% (18%) of people say this is their BIGGEST fear when driving.  What is it?

A: Driving next to a truck!

More results: reckless drivers 58%, running over someone 27%, driving in bad weather 25%, hitting an animal 20%, accident costs 20%, receiving a ticket 18%,  having to reverse or parallel park 10%, teaching someone to drive 4%.


Q: A new study says contrary to what you may believe, doing this when you communicate with co-workers actually makes you look more professional. What is it?

A: Use emojis!

The researchers found that we’ve all gotten so used to emojis helping us convey a tone when we’re texting that we wish we could see that in our work emails too.
So, quote, “the usage of happy and ironic [emojis] significantly shapes the subtext of a message . . . senders can use [them] to soften their email messages.”


Q: According to a new survey (by National Today), 3% of people have used this as an excuse to not come into work. What is it?

A: Groundhog Day!


Q: When it comes to dating, women would wait until they have had 5 dates with someone to do this, but men only require 3. What is it?

A: Go on a trip together!

The survey also found that 43% of both men and women wouldn’t want to date someone who doesn’t like to travel.


Q:   According to a new trend… There’s a term for women who do THIS when they’ve been in a relationship for awhile…. What is it?


A: Women getting into “proposal shape” is a new trend apparently.


That’s where you think a proposal is coming, and start working out so you’ll look good in your engagement photos.


Q:   According to a new survey, when it comes to eating….15% of people say they’ve done this at least once in their life…. What is it?


A: They’ve eaten an entire cake without any help


Q:   Today is National Spouses Day.  A new survey found the top things that annoy us the most about our spouses.  #1 was Selective listening (40%). What was the #2 thing that bugs us about our significant other?


A:   Snoring, 39%.


3.  Being a control freak, 26%.

4.  Not financially responsible, 20%.

5.  Gross habits like nose picking, flatulence, and burping, 19%.

6.  Not contributing enough to housework, 18%.

7.  Messy habits like leaving dirty clothes on the floor, 17%.

8.  Works too much, 16%.

9.  Doesn’t get along with your parents, 8%.

10.  Always forgets your anniversary, 5%.


Q: According to a new survey, close to 20% of people never do THIS when they eat. What is it?

A: Have their phone with them

One out of three Americans say they CAN’T get through a meal without being on their phone.

The survey also found the average American thinks about food seven times a day. But 3% of us who REALLY love food think about it at least 31 times a day.