Q:    According to a new survey, almost 15% of kids wish their parents would do THIS when it comes to school. What is it?


A: Give them HEALTHIER options when they pack their lunch. 


Q:    A new survey asked people what age they were most EXCITING, and the average answer was 27.  They also asked when they were the most boring . . . and it’s just 10 years later, at 37. The survey also found the things that make you exciting. #1 is: Staying out super late on a work night. What is the #2 thing that makes you “exciting?”


A:  Trying a new hobby.


3.  Making new friends.


4.  Booking a spontaneous trip.


5.  Learning a new skill.


6.  Making a surprise visit to a friend.


7.  Changing jobs.


8.  Going on a spontaneous shopping trip.


9.  Asking someone out.


10.  Trying a new sport. 


Q:    According to a research company, there are almost 50% more of these in the market this year…but not as many people are buying them. What is it?


A: Pumpkin spice products have flattened out . . . and that may be a sign that we’ve gotten BORED with them.


There are 49% more pumpkin spice products out this year than last year, but sales are only up 21%.  That means we’re not really buying what they’re selling.


 A spokesperson says, quote, “Brands are putting pumpkin spice into everything from cereal to yogurt to coffee.  We may be at peak spice.”


 So what have we moved on to?  The leading candidate is . . . MAPLE.


There are 85% more maple products available right now than there were a year ago. 



Q:    A new survey (In Business Insider) asked (more than 31,000) millennials (from 186 countries)  to name the biggest problems facing the world.  What is the #1 thing people under 35 around the world are the most worried about?


A: Climate change.


2.  Wars.

3.  Inequality, when it comes to income or discrimination.

4.  Poverty.

5.  Religious conflicts.

6.  Government corruption.

7.  Food and water security and safety.

8.  Lack of education.

9.  General safety, security, and wellbeing.

10.  A lack of opportunities for jobs or making money.  



Q:    According to a new survey, contrary to popular belief- less than half of all people think that this is rude behavior at parties. What is it?


A: Double Dipping


1.  Not flushing after using the toilet . . . 93% say it’s rude.


2.  Unplugging your phone from the charger to plug theirs in without asking . . . 93%.


3.  Not holding the door for you when you’re running for the elevator . . . 89%.


4.  Eating off your plate without asking . . . 89%.


5.  Finishing the milk and not replacing it . . . 72%.


6.  Using their phone while you’re trying to talk to them . . . 80%.


7.  Not replying to a text within a day . . . 52%.


8.  Not offering to pay on a date . . . 52%.


9.  Not offering you a drink when you’re at their house . . . 43%.


10.  Ignoring your phone call and just texting you back instead . . . 20%. 


Q: A new survey asked almost 20,000 people to name the top things they wish they knew how to say on DAY ONE when visiting another country where they don’t speak the language. #1 is: “What’s the best way to get to town?” What was the #2 phrase people say they wish they knew right away when visiting a foreign country?

2. “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

3. “What time is breakfast?”
4. “Where can I get the best meal?”
5. “Where’s the bathroom?”
6. “Bring me somewhere awesome.” (???)
7. “I need coffee!”
8. “I can’t remember my room number.”
9. “Can I request an early check-in?”
10. “Where’s the closest pharmacy?”


Q:    According to a new survey, almost 55% of people say they don’t like doing this at home… even though it used to be commonplace. What is it?


A: Answer when someone rings their doorbell.


They’re slightly more likely to answer if they have security cameras installed and they can see who’s there. 


Q:   A new study (out of the University of Rochester in New York) found some unexpected personality traits and quirks that are associated with intelligence. The smarter you are the more likely you are to do this at home. What is it?


A: Walk around the house naked.


The study also found that the more intelligent you are the more likely you are to Swear a lot and Eat spicy foods for breakfast.


The study also found that extroverted people are most likely to speed, gamble, and tell dirty jokes.  And agreeable people are most likely to sing in the shower and do random things to help out other people. 


Q:   A new survey found the Internet (54% of people said they’d never give it up, no matter what)  is the number one thing we’d REFUSE to give up, even if we were totally broke and couldn’t really afford it.  Here are the top ten things we wouldn’t give up . . .#2 was your phone, 53%… What is the #3 thing we would refuse to give up even if we couldn’t afford it?


A: Driving, 48%


4.  Your pets, 37%.


5.  Cable TV, 21%.


6.  Going out to eat, 19%.


7.  Traveling, 17%.


8.  College courses, and other things that further your education, 13%.


9.  Buying gifts for people, 13%.


10.  Alcohol, 11%.