RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Fri 01/17/20 –

“Superhuman Redheads……No Money in Star Wars Toys …&…Rough Times?..Lets build Theme Parks”

Redheaded people need about 20% more anesthesia than people with other colors of hair . . . the gene mutation for red hair also affects the body’s pain tolerance.

Mattel passed on making “Star Wars” toys in the late ’70s because they didn’t want to pay the massive $750,000 licensing fee.  So they had their designers come up with ideas for their own line of action figures . . . and they created “He-Man”.

Around half of Fortune 500 companies started during a depression or recession, including Disney, HP, FedEx, and Microsoft.

RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Thurs 01/16/20 –

“Not Commonly Tall……Frank Knox Knock Knock Jokes ……Barney the Blanket”

Less than 15% of men in the United States are over six feet tall.

Knock knock jokes got popular in the 1930s when a guy named Alf Landon was running for president against FDR.  He picked a former Army colonel named Frank Knox as his vice presidential candidate, and knock knock jokes about him were a hit.

Barney the Dinosaur was originally going to be a talking blanket, then a teddy bear that came to life . . . but eventually he became a dinosaur.

RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Wed 01/15/20 –

“Ripe Old Age of Five……Little Bobby Wants to be a Chef ……Please Respond in English”

Until the 1850s, more than 40% of people born worldwide would die before they turned five.  It’s now down to 4%, which is still definitely too high, but a pretty huge improvement.

When he was eight, Bobby Flay asked for an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas.  And he got one.

People in France don’t really use RSVP anymore . . . because the language is too formal.  If you don’t know, it stands for Repondez s’il vous plait.  (Reh-pon-day see voo play.)  And it means “please respond.”

RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Fri 02/10/20 –

“Aptly Named……Women at Harvard??? ………Sugar-Free-Sugarful Candy”

An “aptronym” is a person’s name that’s perfectly suited for them, like Usain Bolt being the fastest runner in the world, or Thomas Crapper inventing the toilet.

Harvard was the last Ivy League school to accept women . . . in 1977.  Before that, women attended Harvard’s sister school, Radcliffe College.

Tic Tacs are almost pure sugar, but since each one has less than 0.5 grams, they’re legally allowed to round down and say they’re sugar free.

RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Thurs 02/09/20 –

“Soapy Toothpaste……No Big Bang Avengers ………Brewers have got a Goose Egg”

Colgate toothpaste was sold in jars when it came out in 1873 . . . and one of the ingredients was SOAP.

Whenever characters on “The Big Bang Theory” wear superhero t-shirts, they’re always for characters from DC Comics, like Superman and Batman.  That’s because the show and DC Comics are both owned by Warner Brothers.

 Only six of the 30 Major League Baseball teams have never won the World Series:  The Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers, Tampa Bay Rays, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, and Colorado Rockies. That’s the fewest of the four major sports leagues . . . 12 NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl, 11 NBA teams have never won the NBA championship, and 11 NHL teams have never won the Stanley Cup. 

RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Wed 02/08/20 –

“Upside Down Sarcasm……No Unlucky Floor ………Men Don’t Need Instructions”

There were proposals in the 1600s to use an upside-down or crooked exclamation point as a way to show the sentence was ironic or sarcastic.

Only about 15% of the buildings in the U.S. with more than 13 stories actually HAVE a 13th floor, because of the superstition around the number 13.

 There was a video game based on the TV show “Home Improvement” for Super Nintendo in 1994.  And it didn’t come with an instruction manual . . . it just said, quote, “Real men don’t need instructions.”

RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Tues 02/07/20 –

“Still Not a Billionaire……Now That’s a Big City………My Legal Right to Cheese & Butter”

If you made $5,000-a-day since Columbus first arrived in America, you still wouldn’t have $1 billion today.  You’d finally get there in 2040.

The largest city in the world in terms of area is Hulunbuir, in Inner Mongolia in China.  It’s 101,913 square miles, which makes it bigger than 42 U.S. states.

From 1935 to 1937, restaurants in Wisconsin were legally required to serve cheese and butter with every meal.

RANDOM TIDS & BITS- Mon 02/06/20 –

“I’ll Solve the Different Dress Puzzle Pat……I Live in George Washington ………Our Grocery Store is Smart & Final”

Vanna White has worn a different dress on every single episode of “Wheel of Fortune” . . . more than 6,500 total.  But she doesn’t get to keep them.

There’s a town in Washington called George.  It’s the only city in the country with a full president’s name.

The Smart & Final grocery store chain is actually named after its founders . . . Jim Smart and Hildane Final.