Green Egg & Jam Summer Smile Search

Congrats to STEPHANIE BEYRER from Colfax!!!

She is the winner in the “WAXX 104.5 Green Egg & Jam Summer Smile Search”

Stephanie won Grand Prize - a brand new Big Green Egg from Swimrite Pools & Spas. Years and years of family grilling fun with a Big Green Egg! AND….a pair of Reserved Seats for Country Jam 2021!

We'll be contacting our “Best Of” prize winners for each assignment this week. We'll have 12 winners of Grillin’ Prize Packs from Silver Spring Foods!


CLUE #1 (released Mon 6/22):

Clue Number One, We’re off to our start,

We tell you the mission and you do your part.

The first pic you snap should be easy and fun,

Snap your feet in GREEN grass and then you are done! 


CLUE #2 (released Fri 6/26):

We love our WAXX listeners, you're one of a kind,

...and selfies see moments captured in TIME.

So, this week your mission is to find on your walk,

10:45 displayed on a clock!

(Take a selfie or a pic of your fam or someone in your fam that also shows an outdoor clock displaying the time 10:45...must include a person and a clock displaying 10:45 in it)


CLUE #3 (released Mon 6/29):

This next clue is easy, nothing to big,

Just get a marker, then get an EGG,

Fraw a face on the shell & then smile wide,

Snap a selfie together before it gets fried!


CLUE #4 (released Friday 7/3):

Our summer fun might not look quite the same,

But that doesn’t mean that it has to be lame.

We all will remember the twists of this year,

Take a selfie with anything you choose to say...CHEERS! 


CLUE #5 (released Mon 7/6):

This kind of WAXX won't melt in the sun, 

Just grab some chalk and get ready for fun. 

Find a blank sidewalk on a stroll or a drive, 

and then write a message-include WAXX 104.5!

(Draw an inspirational message, draw pic in chalk on your driveway or sidewalk...include "WAXX 104.5" in it... get in the pic yourself or your kids or your sig other too!)


CLUE #6 (released Fri 7/10)

Show us your smile & best summer chill,

With a plate of your favorite meal to grill,

Whether it's veggies, or potatoes & steak,

We wanna see the picture you take!

(As always..we wanna see you or SOMEONE in the pic! We love the smiles!!)


CLUE #7 (released Mon 7/13)

When it comes to family, we all love our pets,

And this time that is the picture to get!

It could be a dog or a cat that is queen..

Just snap a picture together with something that's GREEN!

(Make sure you're in the pic with an animal...and something green!)


CLUE #8 (released Fri 7/17)

Country music is a big family, but that doesn't mean we always agree!

If it's personal taste then it can't be wrong...take a pic with the title of  YOUR fav country song. 

(write the title on a piece of paper, chalk board, mirror with lipstick, etc...and snap a selfie with it!)


CLUE #9 (released Mon 7/20)

We all know in summer that we soak up the sun,

but here in Wisconsin, it soon will be done.

Snap a pic in your winter gear...just to prepare

for the snow that is coming and the chill in the air.

(dress in your best winter attire and snap a pic outside in the summer sun)


CLUE #10 (released Fri 7/24)

All of us know it’s been quite a year,

But, we’re all in it together & we’re right here,

So, this week we want you to make a fun sign,

Showing your favorite part of WAXX 104.5!

(Take a pic that shows your fav part of WAXX, the music… The personalities.. The games… a specific artist.. Whatever it is!)


CLUE #11 (released Mon 7/27)

We know we’ve been clocking some hours at home,

Some with family and some all alone,

A brand new Green Egg would be great in your space,

Snap a pic of you making your best winner face!

(Show us the expression you’d make… what you/d do if you won the Big Green Egg & some Country Jam 2021 tickets!)


CLUE #12 (released Fri 7/31) - FINAL CLUE


The time has gone too fast, we're at our last clue,

Nothing too fancy, here's what you do,

Get your fav people, the ones you keep close,

And snap a pic with your tribe, the ones you love most!